Court Decision & Borough Reports

TLTAdmin on September 23, 2013

We have posted the Court’s Decision which has rejected the petition by the TLPOA (Treasure Lake Property Owner’s Association) to become a borough and secede from Sandy Township. The full contents of the opinion can be found here Court’s Decision It will also be posted on a unique page at the top of this site […]

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TLTAdmin on September 8, 2013

Once again, Treasure Lake Talk is ahead of the curve and bringing property owners all the latest files associated with the Treasure Lake borough initiative . Unlike some of the TLPOA’s current board members: Chris Corcoran, Chuck Huddy, Dan Flanders, Dave Distler, Chuck Bly, Carol Korthaus, Larry Salone, and Art Ardire; at TLT, we believe […]

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TLTAdmin on June 13, 2013

While our Board of Directors likes to claim that they are interested in getting the facts out regarding the borough initiative, they only like to provide one-side of the story. Once again, Treasure Lake Talk is at the forefront of providing the complete story, allowing the property homeowner to make the best decision for themselves. Due to the file […]

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TLTAdmin on March 4, 2013

In order to make it easier for visitors to access the various reports associated with Treasure Lake’s borough initiative, and the committee reports, we have consolidated all the reports into a single post. The page which these reports are posted, can be directly accessed by the “Borough Reports” link at the top of the page. […]

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