Do The Math

We learned that the TLPOA squandered $1,386.70 to respond to a civil suit filed by property owner Chris Miller.

Chris Miller was seeking $106.59 for a fine he paid for a citation that he claims was not his (more information coming on this issue).

Anyone can figure out that this cost the TLPOA more money than if it would have reimbursed Chris Miller the amount he was seeking.

In other words, it cost the TLPOA $1,386.70 to save $106.59.

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2 Responses to Do The Math

  1. SgtRick says:

    This is an easy one! It ain’t their money, so they don’t give a …er… well you know what I mean.

  2. rob lee says:

    Spending a dime on fighting a policy that isn’t legal from the outset is a fool’s mission. The track record of the POA in Clearfield County courts isn’t very good and shouldn’t improve in this case either.

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