Policy Problems

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Policy Problems

We have learned that proposed policy revisions for Safety and Security Policy S-9 failed with a tie vote. The policy deals with property owners being responsible for the fines of guests, renters, contractors and delivery people.

Directors Toni Clark Moulthrop, Michael Yoha, Steve Tuller and George Cobert voted against the motion. Directors Dick Whitaker, Joseph Sbaffoni, Larry Salone, and David Singer voted in favor of the motion. The posted policy received nine negative comments.

Tuller said he was voting no because he was concerned with holding property owners responsible when security personnel were not logging guests and other people into the community and day passes were not being issued. He said there is no record and it is impossible to enforce this policy without a gate system.

Moulthrop said she was voting no. She said if they get the gates they can control this.

Singer said the board previously discussed the issue and it was a common practice in homeowner associations. He said it was very rarely used because most people pay their fines. He said the policy has been in existence since 2000. He suggested continuing the practice.

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3 Responses to Policy Problems

  1. Heard enough says:

    If Mr Singer wants to continue this practice then maybe he should hold his precious security personnel responsible to do their jobs. His personal agenda is costing property owners and it doesn’t seem to bother him.

  2. francis villella says:

    Mr. Singer must realize that this is a different HOA than anywhere on earth. We have no borders and have public liquor licenses as well as golf courses. Show me another HOA, anywhere that is similar. I will wait patiently for an example.

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