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Policy Posted

At the July meeting, directors voted to post the Safety and Security Motor Vehicle Violations and Penalties policy and the Unauthorized Entry and Trespassing polices for written comments.

Property owners have 21 days to submit written comments on the policies.

It was explained that the security policy deals with property owners being responsible for their contractors, renters, guests, repairmen and delivery people.

If your guest, contractor, delivery person is fined for speeding in Treasure Lake and does not pay the fine, the property owner where the individual is going or has been will be responsible for the fine.

If you believe this is unreasonable, or reasonable, provide your opinion in writing to the TLPOA administrative office.

8 Comments on Policy Posted

  1. francis villella says:

    Now it is obvious that this board is spending others people time as well as their money.

  2. francis villella says:

    And the pizza delivery guy has 4 deliveries in TL and gets a $100 ticket. Under this plan all 4 households would pay the fine of $100 each.($400 total) or would all 4 share the ticket cost of $100 jointly and severally. See how dumb it is and a waste of time.

  3. Treasure Lake Advocate says:

    really simple solution – just tell you guests, contractors and delivery people to tell security they are on the way to a board members house, use the board member name. Problem solved

    • rob lee says:

      To put a finer point on this thought, since it seems to be Mr. Singer’s bright idea, just use his name. I’m sure he will appreciate the courtesy.

  4. Joee says:

    Real simple solution just say no, this is asinine, I think they come up with these ridiculous ideas to distract property owners from what they are really doing

  5. concerned says:

    dishonesty is not a very good solution nor a simple one!!!!!!

  6. Bud Trillen says:

    So if someone wants to act out against a homeowner, all they have to do to is find the security truck, intentionally speed past it and tell the officer they were here to visit whoever they don’t like.

    If they want to institute this policy, security needs to check EVERY vehicle coming in and cross reference them against the list of people being called in. If no one called you in, you don’t get to pass. No exceptions… ever. Of course this would cause long lines and frustrated homeowners and guests. Otherwise, the first ticket I get from a “guest” will result in a lawsuit against the association. I hate lawsuits but right is right and it will be money well spent.

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