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Listen To The Meetings

We have learned that at the July TLPOA meeting, directors unanimously voted to award the contract for live stream audio of board meetings. This is audio only, no video.

We want to know: Are you interested in listening to the live broadcast of TLPOA meetings?

10 Comments on Listen To The Meetings

  1. Chris says:

    Yes, and for the record Mr. Krill tried in vain for 3 years to get this passed. As soon as he is off the board, they pass it. Thank you Mr. Krill for your diligence, it paid off!

  2. Jonathan owens says:

    No. Things won’t change

  3. francis villella says:

    Anyone asking about the cost and what it does for the community?

    Wastefull spending in my opinion.

    • Cheryl says:

      Well, the non-resident property owners who pay the same assessments as the resident property owners appreciate this broadcast.

      • my2centsworth says:

        After attending a few of the directors meetings. Most of these are like watching and listening to paint drying.(or grass growing)I am sure a non resident would like to at least have some connection to what is going on here BUT after a very short time they will feel like Mr. Villella says what is the cost to the assessment value of this broadcast.

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