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Director Resigns

We have learned that Director Frank Calderone has resigned from the board of directors.

We are sorry to see him go and thank him for his service.

We are also pleased to see that Chris Miller will be the new director to replace Frank Calderone.

Miller received the next highest number of votes and takes the vacated seat as spelled out in the Treasure Lake Bylaws.

Good luck Chris!!!

We wonder if the new board will welcome Chris with open arms or if there will be issues as Miller has been critical of many past actions of the board of directors and management.

Time will tell.

3 Comments on Director Resigns

  1. Joseph Krill says:

    Having worked with Mr. Calderone for two years I can say that his resignation from the Board is a great loss for the property owners of Treasure Lake. He is a fine gentleman who served openly and honorably. I cannot think of a better person to replace Mr. Calderone than Mr. Miller. Joseph Krill

    • rob lee says:

      I also hate to see Mr. Calderone step down, but completely understand his reasons. He will be missed since he was a sincere voice for the people. Mr. Miller will bring a new dynamic to the board that many of us hoped for and I wish him nothing but good during his tenure.

  2. Jonathan owens says:

    Things won’t change

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