We understand that the TLPOA is posting a security policy that deals with property owners being responsible for their guests and other people including delivery men and repairmen coming to their house.

This means that if a pizza delivery man receives a fine for speeding and does not pay his fine the person ordering the pizza will be responsible.

What is your opinion on this security policy?

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  1. Heard enough says:

    So does that mean when there is a wedding the bride and groom have to pay the fine or visitors eating at the LVL then the POA pays the fine. What a joke!!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    If they are truly going to do this, then they better stop each and every car that comes through to the guard shack and turn away any and all guests that are not called in. If you are going to try to make me pay the fines of a guest of mine, then it better be documented by security that I gave permission for that guest to come through the gates. What about the property owners that rent out their homes? How will this be handled if a guest of a renter gets a ticket?

    What happens if a weekend camper at Cayman gets a ticket and it’s not paid? With the KOA coming in, there will be a lot of transient campers that could be coming through our gates that only stay one night and we never see them again. Who is going to collect those fines?

    What happens if a someone comes through the gates to look at homes to buy and they are stopped for speeding? Who is going to pay this fine??? the owner of the house they were looking at????

    This policy, if implemented, will be challenged in a court of law and it will not stand up in court. All it’s going to do is piss off allot more property owners, make Treasure Lake a continual joke in the community, costs the POA legal fees to defend the lawsuit that will come from this and deter potential buyers from purchasing the homes of those that chose to no longer live in Treasure Lake.

    I would really like to know the reasoning behind this suggested policy? Is there a problem with unpaid tickets? What avenues are being taken to collect the unpaid tickets or are there no avenues because they TLPOA can’t legally ticket speeders? Is this an issue now because the POA needs more money and they are looking at other avenues to collect revenue?

    • rob lee says:

      Excellent thinking Cheryl, and questions that should be answered by Mr. Singer since this seems to be his off the wall thought.

      • my2centsworth says:

        It did not take long to find out who has their private agendas and the more foolish ideas that come from educated people who consider their selves smart enough to be a director for TLPOA

        • slim says:

          Why would a newly elected board member propose this policy when 99% of property owners do not agree with it. I am telling all my guests to tell security they are here to see Mr Singer.

          • rob lee says:

            If we follow Mr Singer’s past proposals for TL we see a pattern of overreach. In his role as head of the Security Committee he was the driving force behind spending a reported $300,000 +/- for a new gatehouse and electronic gate. Now he believes we should penalize residents for the actions of others.

            Anyone who voted for him and didn’t know what they were getting has been oblivious to his history.

            I sincerely hope that enough opposition from property reaches the ears of our board members before this debacle goes further.

  3. slim says:

    After being disappointed with the election results, I was hoping that the new board would work together and do some positive things that would benefit property owners. I was wrong!!

    • rob lee says:

      Less than a month and the trend is being set. The off the wall actions by our board will continue and they will ignore the rules they don’t like as proven by Mr. Krill’s Letters of Dissent.

  4. Chris says:

    It is being challenged at the magistrate on August 14th

  5. francis villella says:

    Unpaid tickets by non property owners should not be a problem, it is simply an uncollectable. Forget it.

    Regarding “pizza delivery” driver example, it lacks common sense therefore forget it just like the tickets by non property owners.

    • rob lee says:

      Fran, you hit this one right on the head. If it was such a big issue we should have already taken these violators to the magistrate for collection. Since we haven’t done so, we can only conclude that Mr Singer is having a dream of creating a problem bigger than the one that exists.

  6. bevo says:

    Cheryl, great post! Sadly security is not going to stop any cars since it means they have to do their job. I had guests up this weekend my wife kept on me about letting security know they were coming, I laughed and told her did you forget they stop no one. But just to appease her I called and gave them the info on who was coming. Needless to say all 4 cars of my guests used the right lane and were waved in with no problem. I ask again why do we need security??

  7. Stephen Volpe says:

    I feel this proposal is a statement against the effectiveness of our security team. Violators should be stopped at the gate and refused entry. With tongue in cheek ………..I suggest violators be placed in tent city, be made to wear pink jump suits, and be fed green bloggia sandwiches! We can call it compound reform!

  8. rob lee says:

    Since we seem to be avoiding the legal means of enforcing our traffic enforcement, by taking these charges to the local Magistrate, does that indicate that our Keystone Cops security force has no enforcement ability outside our gates?

    Logic would seem to indicate this is true.

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