At a recent meeting, an update was given on the installation of the Verizon cell tower.

It was stated that Sandy Township is working on issues and it is between the township and Verizon.

Treasure Lake is expected to receive $650 a month income for the cell tower.

6 Comments on Cell Tower Update

  1. francis villella says:

    Hopefully the rent for the tower is exempt from management fees but I suspect that it is not.

  2. David says:

    $650 seems low

  3. Chark says:

    Put it in my yard & maybe I can get a better cable/internet deal.

  4. francis villella says:

    Although a small amount but the $650 should be used to pay down debt. I know it is a small amount but it happens to be found money as is the same as lumber royalties which should always go to debt satisfaction.

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