According to a report in the local newspaper, someone took golf carts andĀ caused a large amount of damage to the greens at the golf course. PoliceĀ are investigating.

If the culprit was one of our own we can only hope they now stop and think…Fool, you have damaged your own property!

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  1. I'm outta here says:

    Here we go again. Paying much too much for “security” and getting nothing from them in return.

    • Jonathan owens says:

      Yeah because Dubois never has crime? By your logic we shouldn’t have to pay for police salaries. That statement you made is exactly why people laugh at this community

  2. Joee says:

    I would blame management rather than security, why aren’t the carts secured at the end of the day. I also don’t see any value in security but

  3. Robert Cunningham says:

    I just read the article in today’s paper stating that i’m trespassing on the course unless i’m playing golf. Let those that play golf pay for the damage & also for the maintenance! Also, how can TL ticket property owners for speeding when i’ve been told personally that TL vehicles are allowed to exceed the posted speed limit. If you really want to write tickets, have security stake out Caribbean Road, I watch cars speed up & down it all day everyday! UPS & Fed-Ex included.

    • Mike says:

      Golfers do pay for the Maintenance in the form of Greens Fees, Cart Fees, or Annual Memberships. If you want to walk on the Golf Course, go into the Pro Shop and pay the fees just like everyone else. I won’t belittle myself by addressing your statement that Golfers pay for the damage caused by vandals.
      To address prior comments, It seems that it was one of our own who had their own key for the carts. Apparently the persons responsible were well known by Security, and TL will be seeking full restitution for all damages to the course(which were minimal), and for the Carts. I believe it includes 5 carts total from two separate incidents.

      • Robert Cunningham says:

        my assesments pay for the golf course, 22 years worth & I think those who pay them should be told that I’m trespassing! You play golf don’t you Mike?

  4. francis villella says:

    Always a bad thing to happen when so much work and energy goes into the quality of the greens. I am assuming that an insurance claim is in place and hopefully the insurance company will be looking for restitution.

  5. Robert Cunningham says:

    not be told I’m trespassing

    • Mike says:

      Your assessment pays for many different things within TL. Just because you pay it, does not automatically entitle you to free access to the Golf Course. TL Residents who do play golf pay their assessment, as well as the Greens fees, and Cart Fees for playing golf. For the quality of golf here at TL, those fees are reasonable, but still not cheap by any means. An Annual Membership to play golf here is about $1600.
      I’m not sure what you expect for your $1000 Annual Assessment, but it’s only a fraction of the cost of a Golf Membership.
      So your statement that your assessment pays for the Golf Courses is pretty weak.
      To reiterate, If you want to walk on the golf course, go in and pay just like the golfers do!

      • Rat says:

        I wonder what the annual golf membership would cost without all of the assessments paid by those owners who do not play golf

  6. jumpin' jack says:

    Perhaps property owners who live along the golf courses should file charges against golfers who trespass on their property while looking for balls.

  7. bevo says:

    Mike- No one wants to walk on the course while people are playing you’re missing the point. The way they worded it like were breaking the law trespassing if someone who isn’t golfing and steps on the course is a slap in the face to the residents who pay their assesments to keep the money drain operating.

    • Mike says:

      Yes, you are breaking the law. You are trespassing, and can also be charged with theft of services because you did not pay the Greens fees. You are missing my point, just because you pay your assessment does not automatically give you the right to access the golf course. Can you jump over the fence and take a midnight swim in the LVL pool after hours? If security comes just tell them that it’s ok, I paid my assessment, or my personal favorite, tell The Dubois City Police that your taxes pay his Salary to try to get out of a speeding ticket.
      The entitlement attitude is getting so old, you ARE NOT ENTITLED to free access to the Golf course because you think that your assessment paid for it.
      Reality Check: Mr.Cunningham said that he’s paid his assessment for 22 years, for arguments sake we’ll say an even $22,000 in assessments for 22 years. The current Assistant GM for TL makes $35,000 a year in salary. Congratulations Mr. Cunningham your 22 years of assessments won’t cover one employees salary for 1 year.
      Again I will say: The golfers here pay their assessment just like you, they also pay an additional fee for access to the Golf Courses. They do not think they are entitled to free access like you do.
      I see a lot of people walking on the courses, jogging, walking dogs etc. and I don’t say anything unless they are causing damage, but I think I’ll start calling security to report trespassers from now on.

      • rob lee says:

        I believe you would find it impossible to prosecute a property owner for trespassing on common property. I’m certain the Clearfield County courts would toss that in a heartbeat. Haven’t we learned anything from wasting our money on frivolous legal exercises? The Borough debacle should have been a lesson in common sense, apparently not. I see Me. Singer who was a devoted supporter of the borough, has already raised another wonderful idea as a new board member. He has the idea that we should charge property owners for uncollectible fines received from security for someone who they think is on the property as a resident’s guest. Maybe we can charge our Board for guests of the golf course or campground when they don’t pay. After all our management invited those guests onto the property. I wonder if the TL Church would like to cover fines for parishioners since the majority of their worshipers are non-residents?

        A little common sense would work in both cases. Allow non-golf use of the coursed when they are vacant, which is quite frequent, and have good rules for people to clear the courses if they encounter golfers playing. As for the “speeders”, we already have their information when they were cited, take the charges to the local magistrate and get a judgment.

        We aren’t running a prison camp here yet we act like we at war or planning for an alien invasion.

  8. Mike says:

    So, on one hand you complain that the golf courses cost TL too much money, but your encouraging people to file charges against paying customers of the golf course?
    Really, are you just so unhappy that you you will say anything to try to drag people down to your level of unhappiness?

  9. jumpin'' jack says:

    Of course the good people living along the golf courses would not bring charges against golfers on their property. It was only an example of what could be done. They have much better common sense than to do so. Let’s hope the majority of the Board members also have enough common sense to approve non-playing owners with limited access to walking the courses.Is access before opening hours reasonable? How about during winter?
    Fortunately, there is only one person engaged in this discussion who makes personal attacks against those who differ from his point-of-view. The level of my happiness he has mysteriously determined is off topic and none of his business.

    • Mike says:

      Jack, I took your comment at face value. When I pointed out how ridiculous it was, you retracted and tried to put a spin on it.
      This is not “My” point of view, but the current TL Policy that the golf course is for “Golfers Only”, and anyone who is not a paying golfer is trespassing.
      It is your attitude of Entitlement that hinders your logical reasoning.
      As for your level of unhappiness, it is no mystery to anyone who is a regular on this blog. Looking back into the archives, you have hundreds of posts or comments going back years that paint a clear picture about your attitude towards TL. It is nothing but complaints, and negative comments on everything. You never have anything nice to say about anything in TL. Your reputation precedes you.
      Have a nice day.

  10. bevo says:

    What are they going to do mike throw me in the treasure lake jail? go play another round of golf pal.

    • Mike says:

      Bevo, I play golf almost everyday, I purchased a Membership. I also spend money in the restaurants, and pro shop. I’m doing my part to help support TL Amenities. I’m not looking for a free ride, using the “Assessment” excuse.
      I don’t know about TL Jail, but it might be kind of embarrassing when you are seen being escorted off the golf course by security.

  11. Mike says:

    This entire topic was beat to death last year. The Golf Course eventually put up No Trespassing Signs. I’m sure you can expect to see them again soon. It’s not me that makes TL Policy, It’s TL that says no trespassing.
    By all means, go ahead and keep walking on the course, it will cause the inevitable to occur more quickly.
    All it will take is for just one person to get hurt by a ball, and you will probably never be able to step on the course again. They will start having Rangers patrol the course like they did several years ago, chasing off anyone who is not a paying patron.
    You can complain all you want, but in the end the Golf Course is still private property, and if you have not paid to play golf in the pro shop, entering onto private property is Trespassing, and Theft of Services.
    Have a nice day.

    • rob lee says:

      Mike, you are right, this has been discussed endlessly, but it is not anywhere close to resolved. As a non-golfer (now, not always) I didn’t know we don’t have course Rangers currently.

      The golf courses are common property so from a legal standpoint no trespassing can be alleged. If the courses were owned or leased by a entity other than the TLPOA your charge would be valid. If nothing is stolen there is no theft of services. Walking on the course does not rise to that standard since whoever is doing so is not playing golf.

      Tough to prove either case from a legal position and may only be put to rest if it is determined in court. I sincerely hope we can find some way to end this without paying a bunch of lawyers for an exercise in futility.

      • Mike says:

        If you are looking for resolutions, then address The Board, or OMNI. They are the ones who dictate TL Policy.
        As for the Golf Courses being “Common Property”, I believe that you are mistaken. An Amenity that requires a fee in order to access it is not considered common property.
        Personally, I don’t mind walkers, or joggers using the cart paths during off hours when they will not interfere with golfers, or put themselves in harms way by a poorly struck golf ball. I would not allow dogs, or small children however, but that’s just my opinion.
        What annoys me are the people who think they are entitled to go, or do whatever they want because they pay their assessment.
        Cayman Landing Campground, and the Cabins are a TL Amenity, and a percentage of your assessment is used to maintain both, but you can’t just go up there and set up camp in a vacant camping lot, or occupy a vacant cabin just because you paid your assessment!
        You have to pay to rent a camping lot, or a cabin just like you have to pay to access the golf course.
        If you did occupy a camping lot or a cabin without paying, you better believe that security will be there and you could be charged with trespassing. The golf course is no different.
        I’m done with this debate, Have a nice day.

        • rob lee says:

          I agree that what we are discussing is based on TL policy, but I don’t believe that we can charge someone for trespassing or theft of services in anything beyond our TL kangaroo court for walking on the golf courses. The last I checked placing yourself in harms way is only stupidity and isn’t considered a crime.

          Your example of the campground is valid when we say we can’t go there and camp for free. That would certainly be theft of services and possibly trespassing. Although trespassing may be a stretch legally. But the door is wide open to access the campground for other things like accessing the former ice cream shack (which may be replaced someday) or events held by the campers and TL Lions bingo.

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