editor1 on June 30, 2017

There may be progress getting a new security building. TLPOA directors voted to accept the revised cost and structural changes for the new security building submitted by Day Construction for $201,191. Directors George Cobert, David Distler, Carol Korthaus, Larry Salone and Steve Tuller voted in favor of the new building. Directors Toni-Clark-Moulthrop, Joe Krill, Frank […]

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editor1 on June 28, 2017

TLT recently posted a comment from a reader describing employees comments at a recent event. This post resulted in writers coming down on both sides of the issue –  Those critical of the post and those supporting the story as presented. Either way, we encourage people who have issues or concerns with Treasure Lake employees […]

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editor1 on June 27, 2017

 The following was submitted by one of our readers. It has been edited to remove names. The property owner stated: A few things here at Treasure Lake are bothering me. Recently at the Lake View Lodge I was at a wedding event and overheard the following conversation which should be considered appalling by most. An employee […]

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editor1 on June 26, 2017

The June TLPOA Board of Directors meeting will be held tonight (Monday, June 26) at 6 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge.

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editor1 on June 25, 2017

It looks like we are no closer to having a new security building at the front gate. We have learned that the TLPOA has returned to the two contractors to shave some items off the plans to bring the cost down for the proposed building. Possibilities include making changes to the proposed building to cut costs or use […]

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editor1 on June 23, 2017

We note that the DuBois Mayor is actively ensuring that the town is kept in good condition. When grass is not cut or yards maintained people are fined. Maybe we could ask him to help Treasure Lake! Once again there are properties that are grown up in grass and weeds. Some properties appear as not having been […]

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editor1 on June 21, 2017

A property owner that attended the past worksession informed us that the Music Fest will be held outside the Ski Lodge. The Ski Lodge building will not be used. Food vendors will also be located outside.

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editor1 on June 19, 2017

The June TLPOA work session will be held tonight (Monday, June 19) at 6 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge.

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editor1 on June 18, 2017

We read in the local newspaper that someone released a boat from the boat dock at the marina. Security also found boating related items floating in the water. An Ohio woman later reported a wake board was taken from her boat. Police are investigating.

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editor1 on June 16, 2017

Numerous property owners have asked what is the assistant general manager doing? We never hear of him doing this or that. What projects is he working on? Treasure Lake is paying his salary just like the general manager, why not Omni?

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editor1 on June 14, 2017

Chris Miller requested we post the following information. Recently, one of the sitting board members made the statement that Treasure Lake is “operating in the black.” If one were to review the income statement, they may be deceived into thinking that is in fact the case; you have to do some digging to see the […]

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editor1 on June 13, 2017

Candidate Joe Krill has responded to questions from Treasurelaketalk. Question 1– Do you believe that Treasure Lake is fiscally sound? If not, what do you recommend the TLPOA do to ensure fiscal soundness  in 5 years? No, I do not believe that the Treasure Lake POA is fiscally sound. I recommend increasing our assessment base […]

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editor1 on June 12, 2017

The Sandy Township Supervisors recently approved an application requesting a modification to Treasure Lake’s planned residential development to allow a 300-foot communication cell tower in the Trade Winds Parklet, located off Bay Road within Treasure Lake.

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editor1 on June 11, 2017

We read in the local newspaper about the Treasure Lake Music Fest to be held July 7-8. It looks like quite a mix of performers. The article also stated that security would be provided by the WPAL Boxing League and the U.S. Army. We were suprised to read that the U.S. Army provides security for […]

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