editor1 on October 31, 2015

TLPOA directors voted to establish a data collection special committee. The committee will look at data from business operations, revenue generating amenities and other activities. The data collection and analysis effort could be used to help make sound business decisions and improve business performance and operations. Property owners in good standing that are interested in chairing the committee […]

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editor1 on October 29, 2015

The TLPOA Special Water Committee has reported that Aqua is planning to replace two water pump stations and is also planning a new enlarged waste water treatment plant. The treatment plant is being designed for 20 years of community growth. They are also designing two new water treatment plants. Removal of iron and manganese is […]

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editor1 on October 27, 2015

Our sources tell us that the TLPOA meetings have changed dramatically. The meeting this week had a full agenda and business was completed within an hour. Property owners have also been telling us that they notice a difference in the atmosphere of the meetings. They are more friendly and welcoming and less hostile and combative. They […]

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editor1 on October 26, 2015

The TLPOA has notified property owners that Aqua is planning some major work in the community. A water main replacement will begin this week on Carribean Road between Crooked Island Road and Basse Terre Road. The project is expected to be completed by Jan. 15 with paving scheduled for April 30, 2016. Access will be limited to local […]

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editor1 on October 25, 2015

The TLPOA will hold its October board of directors meeting Monday at 6 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge.

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editor1 on October 24, 2015

Word on the street is that the TLPOA General Manger Shirley Elmore is an employee of both Omni and the POA. There are also questions about employees. Do the employees work for the TLPOA or Omni? This sounds complicated and if true we wonder what the board was thinking when Omni was hired! Exactly how can a […]

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editor1 on October 23, 2015

It appears that the TLPOA is cracking down on those responsible for the problem at the recycling bins. We have learned that the property control committee discussed the littering problem at the recycling  bins and recommended an automatic fine of $300 for anyone caught leaving garbage on the ground. Signs have been posted at the recycling center regarding the […]

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editor1 on October 22, 2015

One of our readers submitted the following post: Regarding LVL Special Event Dinners. The latest one is about “The Big Easy.” All the food pictured appears to come out of what might be a food vendor’s catalog, such as Sysco. My question is, will the Board please demand an accounting of how many of these prepackaged […]

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editor1 on October 21, 2015

We have received several suggestions regarding board of directors meetings, this one addresses attire. Readers have expressed the opinion that it would be more professional and courteous if directors did not wear hats while sitting at the board table during the TLPOA meetings. Readers have also pointed out that at times former board members showed up for meetings wearing […]

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editor1 on October 20, 2015

We had described to us an experience of a property owner at the past work session. They said it was fun to watch Board Treasurer Mike Yoha give the financial report. His presentation reminded them of an episode of “Dancing with the Stars.” There was a graphical screen display of finances which Yoha pointed to as he […]

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editor1 on October 19, 2015

The TLPOA will hold its October work session Monday at 6 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge. The question and answer session before the work session has been discontinued. Property owners can ask questions and make comments during the work session and unlike the question and answer sessions, comments or questions from property owners are recorded in the minutes of the […]

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editor1 on October 18, 2015

There are many activities, events and entertainment at the Lakeview Lodge, so many that you can’t keep track of what is happening when. We like the idea of events and entertainment, what we don’t like is when these fun filled events and entertainment cost property owners money. We aren’t sure but we don’t believe that the majority […]

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editor1 on October 17, 2015

The TLPOA has announced they are seeking candidates for the chairman for the Ifrastructure and Maintenance Committee. Interested property owners in good standing are asked to provide background and experience to the TLPOA by close of business Friday, Oct. 23. For more information, contact TLPOA Board President Steve Tuller at 371-3663.

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editor1 on October 16, 2015

The Infrastructure and Maintenance Committee and the Property Control Committee have been discussing drainage problems throughout the community. According to Infrastructure Committee minutes, there are numerous examples of faulty permitting and installation over the 50-year history of Treasure Lake and many of the problems are either recurring or worsening. Property control minutes state that this has become a […]

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