editor1 on August 31, 2015

At a recent meeting, the TLPOA board of directors discussed soliciting money at the front gate by various groups. Management and the Safety and Security Committee have proposed that soliciting at the gate or any roadways in Treasure Lake be prohibited. The proposed revisions to the policy regarding soliciting is being posted for 21 days for […]

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editor1 on August 30, 2015

An orientation session was scheduled for the TLPOA Board of Directors for Saturday. We are anxious to hear the outcome of the session. The price on this education was not cheap costing us property owners approximately $7,500. A few years ago the board at that time attended an orientation. From the way that board operated it was […]

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editor1 on August 29, 2015

The TLPOA sent out an email this week with a video featuring a “cheeseburger” advertising a band and special concert for Labor Day weekend at the Lakeview Lodge. The video was quite creative. We want to know what is your opinion on the video and do you plan on attending the concert?

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editor1 on August 28, 2015

There are some property owners who walk along the roads and pick up litter. They make our community look good and rarely receive recognition for their efforts. The Community Improvement Club also picks up litter in addition to all their projects. We want to say thank you to everyone who helps make this community a nicer place. We appreciate […]

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editor1 on August 27, 2015

The TLPOA has announced that New Providence Beach is now open.

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editor1 on August 26, 2015

We have obtained a list of the committee members that were affirmed Monday at the August meeting of the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association board of directors. Standing committees: Cayman: Chairman, David Distler. Members: Barb Sager, Jan Morrow, Alan Moore,  Richard Muth, Anita Adamson, James Sinclair, Evan Dittman, Patti Kendall, Sylvia Mallon and Randy Norris. […]

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editor1 on August 25, 2015

There were more than 15 motions on the agenda at the TLPOA board meeting Monday. It was surprising how the board worked its way through that amount of business in a relatively short time. What was more surprising was there was only one comment on the motions. However, we have been hearing there are some comments on […]

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editor1 on August 24, 2015

The TLPOA board of directors will hold its August board meeting at 6 p.m.  Monday at the Lakeview Lodge. We also noted that the posted agenda has a new look.

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editor1 on August 23, 2015

It appears there are some property owners that believe they are being prohibited from asking questions and making comments because the question and answer sessions that occured from time-to-time prior to the worksessions have been cancelled. That is not the way we see it and its not the way the board president explained it! As we previously […]

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editor1 on August 22, 2015

The August TLPOA work session was a hot one. Literally. There was a problem with the new air conditioning unit and it quit working. The room was uncomfortable and downright hot. The Lakeview Lodge continues to be used for weddings and to host meetings. Embarrassing yes and unacceptable. Unfortunately this is not the first time there […]

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editor1 on August 21, 2015

We have learned that numerous changes have been made to the TLPOA work session agenda. The board officers have an active role in the meeting. The secretary reviews the previous month’s work session and regular business meeting minutes and provides an overview of key points. The vice-president reviews committee reports and minutes and includes an overview of key points. […]

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editor1 on August 20, 2015

The TLPOA has announced that New Providence Beach is closed until further notice. No reason was given for the closure. The announcement said property owners will be notified when the beach reopens.

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editor1 on August 19, 2015

Several readers have questioned why motorcycles are prohibited from using the back gate system. The board of directors voted to ban the motorcycles several years ago. They posted the policy for property owner comment  then neglected to mention they received comments, completely ignoring the numerous written statements from the motorcycle-riding property owners. The board was then forced to acknowledge […]

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editor1 on August 18, 2015

New committee chairmen were affirmed at a special meeting Monday night at the Lakeview Lodge. Committee chairmen include: Cayman, David Distler; finance, John McDermott; golf, Jim Deter; house, JoAnn Zartman; infrastructure and maintenance, Nick Hammer; judicial, Tom Weis; nominating and election, Gene Grzeda; property  control, Sandra Murray; recreation, Terri Kakabadze; safety and security, David Singer; water, Joe Krill and wildlife management, Dave […]

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