editor1 on July 31, 2015

At The July TLPOA worksession it was noted that there is a problem with children and sanitation at the Lakeview Lodge pool. Every time there is an incident the pool has to be closed and the water cleaned and treated. The pool restaurant also loses money. This has occurred numerous times and is a costly problem, […]

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editor1 on July 30, 2015

TLT: A property owner submitted the following post. Director Joe Krill is attempting to introduce a committee to investigate a storm water management program for our community. Several board members are speaking out against this committee. The motion for Krill’s storm water committee was to establish a fact finding committee only. Why not give it a […]

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editor1 on July 29, 2015

We found it interesting that two of the standing committees did not have reports at the annual meeting. The golf committee and the finance committee reports were missing. According to the TLPOA website, the most recent minutes include: Finance committee July 13, 2013 and Golf committee June 2, 2014. The other committees have more recent minutes. Finance […]

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editor1 on July 28, 2015

One of the topics we have mentioned in the past and will continue to mention is the condition of the property located at the main intersection “the T” in Treasure Lake. The property has not been maintained for several years and continues to be a problem. The grass has not been cut, there are small […]

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editor1 on July 27, 2015

The prior TLPOA Board of Directors recently voted for the new board of directors to have an orientation. At first glance this may have been a good idea, however, there are a few problems with this picture. First is the cost and the presenters. The price tag for this informative meeting is approximately $7,500. That is a lot […]

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editor1 on July 26, 2015

The Lakeview Lodge is advertised as a restaurant, community center and conference center. If anyone books the Lakeview Lodge for a conference they will have to bring their own sound system. We have watched past boards spend money for all types of pool furniture and furnishings for the cabins, but no state of the art sound system for the […]

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editor1 on July 25, 2015

One of our readers submitted the following post regarding guest passes at Treasure Lake beaches. They said they want feedback on the $3 per day guest “pass” for Property Owner guests to use our beaches. They write: My son was just charged Monday, 7-20-2015 for two of his friends to use Bimini Beach. Is this being charged […]

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editor1 on July 24, 2015

The following post has been submitted by property owner Chris Miller. At the July 20, 2015, BOD work session meeting, Mr. Distler publically accused me of spreading lies about him. I asked him to provide specifics, and if found that my statements were not accurate, I would publically acknowledge my inaccuracies. He sent me 2 […]

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editor1 on July 23, 2015

Property owners using the back gate may have to make a detour this week due to road work being done in DuBois. DuBois has a major paving project underway and First Street is closed. Motorists may want to plan an alternative route or they could experience delays.

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editor1 on July 22, 2015

It appears that some former board members can’t let go. We have heard some are meddling behind the scenes and some are meddling out front trying to influence the selection of the new board president. Apparently they want to place one of their own in the seat – David Distler rather than Steve Tuller who is also […]

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editor1 on July 21, 2015

There was a new twist during board member comments at the board work session Monday evening. Each board member has generally been allowed 3 minutes to make a statement but this didn’t apply to director David Distler who read from multiple pages of prepared statement criticizing property owner Chris Miller and TLT. Distler’s rambling statement […]

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editor1 on July 21, 2015

The TLPOA Board of Directors held its first work session of the board year Monday night. Our sources tell us they did not leave the meeting with a warm and fuzzy feeling. We will be posting details soon. Watch Treasurelaketalk.

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editor1 on July 20, 2015

There is no question and answer session tonight. We hope we have seen the last of these sessions. This was started during the Corcoran administration, when he decided that property owners should not be allowed to ask questions during work sessions and board meetings. So it was decided if property owners had questions they had to crawl over […]

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editor1 on July 19, 2015

The TLPOA board of director will hold a work session Monday, July 20 at 6 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge. The old board officers are conducting the meeting because the new officers have not been elected. It could be a long night. One look at the agenda, and one has to ask: Is there anything they missed? They […]

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