editor1 on March 31, 2015

We have learned that TLPOA director Joe Krill has an idea to transform one of the golf courses at Treasure Lake. He talked about his idea at the March TLPOA meeting. Krill said it makes no sense to keep having two golf courses, when fewer and fewer people are playing golf. Treasure Lake needs to […]

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editor1 on March 30, 2015

The TLPOA sent out an email reminder concerning proper use of the recycling area. Household trash and bulk items should not be left in this area. If the bins are full, call the TLPOA office at 371-0711. Please do not leave recyclables on the ground. The maintenance crew has to cleanup the area. Anyone who […]

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editor1 on March 29, 2015

We continue to be overwhelmed by events for fun and frolic. Said another way, we don’t want to continue paying for other folks to have fun and folic. Its also of concern that at no time during the budget hearings did we hear that the board of directors is cutting back on events at the Lakeview Lodge or Recreation that […]

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editor1 on March 28, 2015

We have been asked to post the following information: The Treasure Lake Owners Action Group (TLOAG) discussed future initiatives at their meeting this week. Information and donations to the TLOAG can be mailed to: TLOAG C/O Chris Miller 682 Treasure Lake DuBois, PA 15801   Treasurelaketalk is not affiliated with TLOAG.

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editor1 on March 27, 2015

Our sources tell us that the Treasure Lake Owners Action Group (TLOAG) met last night. More than 100 property owners attended the meeting. The group under the leadership of property owner Chris Miller was instrumental in opposing the borough initiative. The board of directors has a history of not listening to property owners and making […]

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editor1 on March 26, 2015

We have learned that property owner Steve Tuller took his calculator to the March 23 board meeting and was able to win the shell game (translation — he figured out the financial report used by the TLPOA). He said the board of directors is using a new reporting system for their financial report that does […]

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editor1 on March 25, 2015

The Treasure Lake Owners Action Group (TLOAG) is conducting a survey asking property owners for their opinions on the status of the Lakeview Lodge and golf operations. You can access the survey by following this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TLamenities It is vital that all requested information be completed in order for the survey to be considered valid. The results […]

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editor1 on March 24, 2015

The TLPOA election season is under way. The candidate nomination packets are available at the TLPOA office. Completed application forms are due at the TLPOA office April 15. We are encouraging property owners to run for the five director’s seats. It is time for a change. Anyone with 20-20 vision can see what can happen when you […]

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editor1 on March 23, 2015

Our sources tell us that there was a good turn out of property owners at tonight’s worksession and board meeting. They also tell us that the board was in rare form restricting numerous property owners from commenting on this and asking questions about that “because it was not on the agenda.” Watch Treasurelaketalk for more […]

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editor1 on March 22, 2015

Treasurelaketalk has been asked to post the following notice. The Treasure Lake Owners Action Group (TLOAG) will meet Thursday, March 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the Treasure Lake Church. The meeting will be held in the Fellowship Room which is in the old section of the church. Primary focus of this meeting will be the upcoming election, candidate […]

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editor1 on March 22, 2015

We have been extremely proud of all the property owners that attended the two budget hearings. The large audience has shown the board of directors that we are not happy with them and we believe the property owners have had enough of Corcoran’s Kingdom. We are encouraging property owners to keep up the good work and attend the worksessions […]

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editor1 on March 21, 2015

We were surprised with the reaction of the board of directors to property owner opposition at the budget hearing Monday. Frankly we were disappointed with Director David Distler. We expected him to represent the property owners and that did not happen. Director Carol Korthaus talked (no shouted) about quitting the board which brought encouragement from the audience to support […]

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editor1 on March 19, 2015

Property owners were not happy about certain aspects of the recent proposed budget presentation. One of the reasons was probably the confusion over the irrigation replacement system for the Silver Golf Course. In the first presentation on March 2, the cost was listed at $650,000. In the second budget presentation on March 16, the cost […]

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editor1 on March 18, 2015

We are very proud of our readers, friends and neighbors — the property owners that stepped up to express their opposition to the budget. By speaking out, attending the hearings and signing petitions you let the board of directors know what your feelings are as a community. We believe that you made a difference. Your message came […]

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