editor1 on August 31, 2013

Johnsonburg swept the Treasure Lake Titans in youth football action last Saturday. In the junior varsity game the Shamrocks won 24-0. In the varsity game, the Shamrocks claimed a 43-0 win.

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editor1 on August 30, 2013

Chairmen were named for Treasure Lake committees at the Aug. 26 TLPOA meeting. TLPOA board President Chris Corcoran nominated the following committee chairmen, who were affirmed by the board of directors: Cayman, David Distler; Safety and Security, David Singer; Recreation, Libby Gray; Finance, Ed Moran; Golf, Steve Matthews; Property Control, Eldon Mohney; Judicial, Sue Hartman; House, Todd Seligman; Borough, Sandra […]

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editor1 on August 29, 2013

The TLPOA continues to repair roads damaged in the June 27 flooding. At Monday’s meeting, General Manager Robert Romo said repairs are ongoing. Work on Fort de France and Anguilla roads has been completed. There is still paving to be done on Bay Road. Romo said damage throughout the community is extensive and will require many more […]

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editor1 on August 28, 2013

A member opinion survey and financial performance of the cost center (amenities) were discussed at the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association worksession Aug. 19. TLPOA general manager Robert Romo said two bids were received for a member opinion survey. The purpose was for management to get a better idea of what property owners think and what is important to […]

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editor1 on August 27, 2013

The Treasure Lake Property Owners Association has announced hours for the swimming pools and beaches. The Lakeview Lodge swimming pool will be closed Tuesday through Friday (Aug. 27-30.) Beaches will not have lifeguards on duty Tuesday through Friday (Aug. 27-30) and people may choose to swim at their own risk. Swimming pools will reopen and the […]

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editor1 on August 26, 2013

We received an email from a TLT reader stating the post of Aug. 13 was not accurate. The author of the email asked why we criticized the activities/recreation director. It also said that the activities/recreation director is doing an outstanding job and “…you know damn well who is pulling the strings! The group of incompetent directors led by Corcoran […]

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editor1 on August 25, 2013

The Treasure Lake Titans youth football team split their games with Ridgway Aug. 17. In the varsity game, Ridgway won 40-6. Treasure Lake won the junior varsity game 26-6. Treasure Lake hosted Johnsonburg Saturday. The results will be published when available.  

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editor1 on August 24, 2013

We have learned that an update was given at the Aug. 19 worksession on the timbering project and the Marcellus gas drilling in Treasure Lake. TLPOA general manager Robert Romo said the timbering is almost completed and the lease agreement will end Sept. 29. There are no plans to renew the lease. Although it wasn’t reported we believe this means […]

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editor1 on August 23, 2013

According to what we have learned it appears the back gate saga will continue. At the worksession Monday (Aug. 19) TLPOA general manager Robert Romo said they are meeting with another contractor and it turns out the issue is more complex than originally anticipated. He said they want to look at every option available and the costs associated with this […]

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editor1 on August 22, 2013

A reader notified TLT that there are a number of TLPOA employees who got “Employee of the Year” awards. They said “It would be nice to see this posted on Treasure Lake Talk.” We agree, but there is one slight problem — we don’t have that information! We also did not have information for the recent blood […]

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editor1 on August 21, 2013

Monday was the first worksesion of the new board year, and it appears that some things are not going to change. At the beginning of Monday’s work session, Director Wayne Marhelski made a motion to move property owner comments to after the discussion of business items. This allows property owners to become aware of the issues and develop questions or […]

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editor1 on August 20, 2013

Our sources tell us that several individuals deserve applause from Monday’s TLPOA worksession. Hats off to: — Director Wayne Marhelski who wanted to amend the agenda so property owners could speak after business was discussed. This way they would know what was going on and could ask questions instead of speaking before the business was discussed when we really […]

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editor1 on August 19, 2013

We are happy to hear that the question and answer sessions will resume. Now we would like answers to these questions: — When is the back gate going to be repaired? — Why is the board not allocating an equal amount of money to those who oppose the borough to tell their side? — Why does […]

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editor1 on August 18, 2013

We have learned that there is a question and answer session scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 19, at the Lakeview Lodge. The question and answer session has been cancelled for the past few months. This is a good opportunity for property owners to ask questions. Bring your list of questions. You may not get answers, but you […]

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