editor1 on November 29, 2012

We are a bit behind schedule in posting this, never the less to keep you informed the November TLPOA work session and board meeting was combined and held Monday, Nov. 20. Chief Financial Officer Dan Johnston said 4,178 lot assessments have been collected, which is 28 ahead of the budgeted total of 4,150. Board Secretary […]

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editor1 on November 27, 2012

At the Nov. 20 combined POA work session and directors meeting, Director Richard Partington made a motion to amend the worksession agenda to move property owner comment after the discussion of business by the directors. None of the other board members seconded his motion. We want to give credit where credit is due so we […]

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editor1 on November 25, 2012

The TLPOA held a question and answer session Monday (Nov. 19). The following are some of the Q&A’s. Question: Status of water drawdown at Bimini Lake for use in natural gas drilling. Answer: Trianna Energy submitted a request for a permit to the DEP for a water management plan to withdraw water from the lakes […]

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editor1 on November 23, 2012

The Courier-Express is reporting that Treasure Lake’s effort to secede from Sandy Township and incorporate as a separate borough took a detour Wednesday when three members of a five-member panel recommended that the effort be denied and all litigation in the matter stop immediately. The 23-page recommendation to President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman states – […]

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editor1 on November 22, 2012

Thanks to all of you for being a part of Treasure Lake Talk. We truly appreciate your input to the various topics that appear on this website. Happy Thanksgiving!

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editor1 on November 21, 2012

The scars from the backhoe melee have not healed over and yet another questionable business incident has cropped up again. At the question and answer session Monday (Nov. 19) a property owner and businessman asked what is the procedure to do business with the TLPOA. He described numerous attempts at trying to contact various TLPOA […]

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editor1 on November 21, 2012

The Treasure Lake Church is holding a Thanksgiving Dinner Thursday (Nov. 22) from noon to 2 p.m. Reservations are a must. Call 371-1376. All are welcome.

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editor1 on November 20, 2012

A special thank you to the Community Improvement Club for the beautiful lighted decorations throughout Treasure Lake. Check out the lighted tree at the Town Center next to the post office and the illuminated gazebo with tree at the LVL. Lights make the holidays brighter. We appreciate the club and all the work they do […]

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editor1 on November 18, 2012

Disappointing is no cake for your birthday. Disappointing is finding a shriveled, dried up orange in your Christmas stocking. Disappointing is receiving a lump of coal for Christmas. Disappointing is finding the TLPOA worksession agenda arranged so property owners have to speak without knowing what they are speaking about. Yes folks, it has happened again. […]

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editor1 on November 17, 2012

Monday evening (Nov. 19) will be a busy evening for Treasure Lake property owners. A question and answer session will be held at 5:30 p.m. and then at 6 p.m. the combined worksession and board of directors meeting for November will take place. These meetings will be held at the Lakeview Lodge and Conference Center. […]

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editor1 on November 14, 2012

Many people give gift cards during the holiday season. One gift card has already been returned. During property owner comments at the October TLPOA meeting, Steve Tuller said, “At the September Q&A session Mr. Corcoran played host for the quiz show ‘Truth or Consequences’ where I won a $25 Treasure Lake gift card for correctly […]

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editor1 on November 12, 2012

We have heard that the craft show held at the Lakeview Lodge Saturday (Nov. 10)  was a success. It is nice to hear that the event has improved from what it was a few years ago and that there was a good turnout and the number of vendors and variety of crafts was impressive.

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editor1 on November 11, 2012

The day was previously called Armistice Day to commemorate the end of World War I. Many Americans mistakenly believe that Veterans Day is the day America sets aside to honor American military personnel who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained from combat. That’s not quite true as it is Memorial Day […]

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editor1 on November 9, 2012

A special TLPOA meeting is scheduled Monday night November 12 to discuss the proposed schedule of fees and charges. DO NOT…repeat …DO NOT plan on attending because the meeting is for the board of directors and will be held in executive session. According to the agenda, the meeting is to discuss the proposed 2014 schedule […]

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