editor1 on July 31, 2012

We received a good suggestion from one of our TLT blog readers. They suggested that we expand the list of recent comments. We liked that idea and have put this in place. Check it out. Due to the increased number of comments TLT receives daily this makes it easier for our readers to follow the […]

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editor1 on July 30, 2012

TreasureLakeTalk prints good news and bad news, however the ugly sometimes poses a problem. TreasureLakeTalk recently received a comment we feel was not appropriate for posting. We considered it inappropriate because it contained nothing of informational value and bordered on a personal attack. If individuals have personal issues with other individuals who post on this […]

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editor1 on July 30, 2012

It has been mentioned numerous times that homes need to have their 911 house number address clearly displayed. It is very important that the house number address sign is visible from the roadway and one of the preferred installation locations is at the head of your driveway. This is not being done to inconvenience home […]

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editor1 on July 29, 2012

We have learned that the TLPOA has hired Robert Romo as new general manager effective Aug. 26. He has over 12 years of experience in POA and resort operations and has served as the Resort Manager and Director of Guest Services at The Longboat Key Club & Resort – Longboat Key, Fla. The Longboat Key […]

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editor1 on July 28, 2012

We learned that a bloodmobile was held in our community this week. Many people did not know it was being held and missed the opportunity to participate. Treasurelaketalk.com is for you and our community. We invite organizations to email us information regarding special events and we will post it on our site. We reserve the […]

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TLTAdmin on July 26, 2012

Editors NOTE: This post contains some graphics and may load slowly on some machines with a slower internet connection. You can also click on the images to see a larger version. Information provided to TLT by former TLPOA board member Wayne Marhelski. TLT: When did you first take a look at the Gannett Fleming Report? WM: […]

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editor1 on July 26, 2012

The home page of a website is supposed to attract attention. That attention should be positive and should feature “the best” of the website. We were disappointed with the recent information on the TLPOA front page. It included information that did NOT need to be highlighted in that location. Even those select people that it […]

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editor1 on July 25, 2012

A key part of the proposed Waterfront Project is the Lakeview Lodge. Plans are to expand the deck area and add seating for outdoor dining. At the recent Waterfront Project meeting, property owners pointed out that many Treasure Lake people drive past the Lakeview Lodge and travel to outside restaurants. They are patronizing these establishments […]

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editor1 on July 24, 2012

We were surprised to hear about TLPOA Director Chuck Huddy’s idea to make the amenities at Treasure Lake free to property owners. This came out at the July 23 TLPOA meeting. First of all NOTHING IS FREE. Someone is paying for whatever is free — it is not free. In this case YOU will be […]

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editor1 on July 24, 2012

At Monday’s (July 23) meeting, the TLPOA Board of Directors spent almost $9,000 for more pool furniture for the Lakeview Lodge pool. The initial shopping trip for pool furniture (July 2) cost us $9,000. We don’t need an accountant to tell us that totals nearly $18,000 for the pool furniture. The subject of finding a […]

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editor1 on July 23, 2012

There is a new game show called “Spend Your Money Fast” and we heard the TLPOA is a contestant. No this is NOT TRUE, but that is the way it is starting to appear. The new pool at the Lakeview Lodge was needed, and then we needed pool furniture, and now we hear we need […]

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editor1 on July 22, 2012

The TLPOA will hold its July worksession and board meeting Monday (July 23) at 6 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge. The agenda includes: Purchasing a security vehicle, buying more pool furniture and a meeting place for the Treasure Lake Sportsman Club. Once again, the agenda for the work session shows property owner comments before the […]

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TLTAdmin on July 21, 2012

It has been a busy time at TreasureLakeTalk…… In just a short time, we’ve managed to attract a large amount of traffic. In fact, for the month of July we averaged over 300 unique visitors each day. That number is excluding any of the various web spiders and search engine crawls that can artificially drive website traffic numbers up. […]

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editor1 on July 21, 2012

The agenda for Monday’s (July 23) TLPOA meeting includes voting on a meeting place for the Treasure Lake Sportsman’s Club. We hope the TLPOA management and board of directors do the right thing and suggest the Sportsman Club meet at the Lakeview Lodge. If our own Treasure Lake clubs, groups and organizations do not use […]

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