editor1 on June 30, 2012

Time is running out to vote in the TLPOA board of directors election. If you did not fill out your ballot and return it — please do it now! Ballots must be received by Wednesday, July 4. Treasurelaketalk recommends: Steve Tuller is a yes vote: He has a history of asking the tough questions and […]

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editor1 on June 29, 2012

The folks at the Cayman campground are having a yard sale beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday (June 30). The yard sale is camp-wide so come and check it out.

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editor1 on June 29, 2012

The Marcellus meeting scheduled for Monday (July 2) has been canceled.

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editor1 on June 29, 2012

The TLPOA purchased the Towne Center in May. Major renovations are nearing completion to make the space usable for the TLPOA administrative offices. Offices will be moved from their current location to the new location the week of July 9 and an open house will be held from 5-7 p.m. Friday, July 13. The post […]

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editor1 on June 28, 2012

A special meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Monday at the Lakeview Lodge with Triana Energy Marcellus Shale. Triana owns part of the rights for extraction. Property owners will be permitted to make comments.

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editor1 on June 23, 2012

Do you have a new topic? If you would like to have a new topic started, please respond to this comment. We will consider establishing your topic for comments by others viewing this website.

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editor1 on June 21, 2012

Former TLPOA Director Wayne Marhelski  is sharing insight into matters related to the Board and the community. So, over the next several weeks, hopefully we’ll be able to deliver some thought provoking material. The first segment of Words with Wayne is on the Lakeview Lodge: TL Talk: You’ve been an outspoken critic of the Lake View […]

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editor1 on June 17, 2012

Treasurelaketalk.com invites our readers to submit comments to this blog. We want to hear from you.

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editor1 on June 16, 2012

The Community Improvement Club (CIC) cleaned up the area between the Towne Market and the Towne Center (Post Office) recently. This area long neglected by the owner of the Town Center and the owner of the Town Market was quite frankly an eye sore. The CIC volunteers take on various projects throughout the community, they […]

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editor1 on June 14, 2012

Treasure Lake trash in Brockway? Apparently so. According to a recent article in the local newspaper, Brockway Borough Municipal Authority is asking the TLPOA to clean up its garbage. The authority sent the TLPOA a letter several months ago, about garbage near Cayman Landing campground and onto Seneca Resources property. The TLPOA did not respond. […]

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editor1 on June 13, 2012

According to our sources the TLPOA will not pay for hotdogs for the Cayman Campers bonfire Friday night. (Estimated cost for hotdogs and buns less than $25). However, the TLPOA manages to spend $1,000 annually for insuring the Treasure Lake Sportsman Club’s shooting range for a few members and now the club wants to include […]

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editor1 on June 11, 2012

Call 371-1897 to anonymously report a violation. You will be issued a number when your report is made. If your information leads to a prosecution, you will receive a reward up to $1,000. This is an interesting program established by the TLPOA….But, who actually established the program? We have no recollection of the board of […]

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editor1 on June 6, 2012

Treasurelaketalk.com will continue to provide information and voting recommendations on the candidates running for election to the TLPOA Board of Directors. This information is compiled from our sources, observation, experience and information from the candidates’ statements mailed to property owners. In the candidates statements, several candidates claimed all forms of miscellaneous activities in the section for TLPOA […]

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editor1 on June 5, 2012

Some Treasure Lake property owners have received their ballots for the TLPOA Board of Directors election. Treasurelaketalk.com is working on information about the candidates and who we recommend get the votes. Information will be posted ASAP. Keep watching!

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