editor1 on April 28, 2012

What’s going on with Treasure Lake becoming a borough? A recent letter to the editor in the newspaper, pointed out some interesting facts: •Treasure Lake property owners have paid almost $220,000 for the borough initiative with no end in sight •Treasure Lake property owners won’t be happy realizing that in addition to the TLPOA being […]

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editor1 on April 11, 2012

We heard TLPOA director Wayne Marhelski has resigned. This is unfortunate because Wayne was one of the good guys. You could always count on him to do the right thing and stand up for what is right. We can’t say that about all of the directors. Wayne was outnumbered by board members who seem more […]

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editor1 on April 10, 2012

Several members of the Treasure Lake Sportsman Club want to change the Treasure Lake shooting range regulations to allow guests to use the range. Steve Smith the range safety officer from the sportsman club gave a presentation at the March 19 TLPOA meeting. Smith said several people got together and suggested they do this… thank […]

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editor1 on April 6, 2012

“Here today, gone tomorrow” as the saying goes we now see Jeff Schlaack hired as GM in March 2010 is out and Gary Spiegel is in. Spiegel has been named interim general manager at Treasure Lake, effective Monday. He succeeds Schlaack who followed Matt Begley whose contract was not renewed by the board of directors […]

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Author on April 3, 2012

At the March 26 board meeting it was announced that Lori Corcoran was hired as the new Events/Recreation Director. Her salary was not disclosed. She is the wife of current director Chris Corcoran. According to sources the job was not advertised. At one time she was a board member, board president and Cayman Campground Committee […]

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Author on April 1, 2012

At the March 26 meeting of the TLPOA board of directors a man from Cayman Landing asked if the TLPOA would be charging for Church and Bible Study. Yes, you read that right! He said in the past the Cayman Lodge was used for Church on Sunday and was used for Bible Study during the […]

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