Welcome to the inaugural of treasurelaketalk.com
a blog designed for YOU.

Why this blog?

For the past few years, property owners have been discouraged from speaking or asking questions of the board of directors at Treasure Lake meetings. When property owners gather up the courage to ask questions there is most often no response from the board of directors or management. They are either uncomfortable responding or are just plain arrogant.
Property owner money pays to operate our community.
We believe property owners deserve the courtesy of a response!
What do you think?
We want to hear from YOU…

The blog treasurelaketalk.com will provide information, announcements, stories and news along with posting property owner questions and comments.

Stay tuned for news about:
* What’s good…..
* What’s bad…..
* Your $$$ and the upcoming budget
* The borough initiative
* The cost to operate the Lakeview Lodge

And more….


4 Comments on Welcome to Treasure Lake Talk

  1. Fred Karp says:

    Its good to see this site but I am concerned that it doesn’t fizzle and disappear like the last blog. I will be watching as the property owners could use a site to express concerns with some of the things going on in this community…We sure don’t get answers from the board or management.

  2. candy camper says:

    Love your website… Did you know about this?
    Got any family members who are unemployed — looking for a job?
    Try Treasure Lake!
    I heard that a board of director’s wife was hired as an events/ activities director. But wait it gets better….The job wasn’t advertised (that we know of) and it was never announced publicly that the TLPOA was hiring for this position.
    The TLPOA did run classified ads in the newspaper for dishwashers, waitress, kitchen help, etc. apparently to get the best qualified people for those jobs — yet they just hired this one individual without advertising the position and apparently without trying to get the best qualified person for the job.
    In my opinion the individual hired is NOT the best person for a job that requires (in my view) a people person. This does not describe the person hired.
    There are certainly qualified people out there who are more experienced that should have been given the opportunity to apply.
    I think there should be a requirement for all Treasure Lake jobs to be posted, so we that we come up with the best-qualified individual. Wondering who the director is?
    Chris Corcoran. And the lucky employed individual — his wife, Lori.
    If this was a different director and his wife got the job, the Corcoran’s’ would be yelling the loudest in opposition…..

  3. An Old Timer says:

    Good one, Candy Camper. You have voiced the opinon of many people about said couple. Wonder how Libby feels after all her hard work as a volunteer on the Recreational Committee plus all the others involved. They saved us money and made some. We have others working the same family plan. Some of our newly hired have brought in wives and childred to work here. Refresh my memory, what is that called????? If you are a relative living in the same home with a board member you cannot run for the board. Check the bylaws. Our Board is really consistant, isn’t it????

  4. Joseph Krill says:

    I have a couple of questions regarding the Borough initiative.

    1-How many property owners bought property in Treasure Lake because it was a Borough?
    2-How many people are aware that the vast majority of property owners in Treasure Lake will not be able to vote in the Borough decision?

    Joseph Krill