Welcome to Treasure Lake Talk

Welcome to the inaugural of treasurelaketalk.com
a blog designed for YOU.

Why this blog?

For the past few years, property owners have been discouraged from speaking or asking questions of the board of directors at Treasure Lake meetings. When property owners gather up the courage to ask questions there is most often no response from the board of directors or management. They are either uncomfortable responding or are just plain arrogant.
Property owner money pays to operate our community.
We believe property owners deserve the courtesy of a response!
What do you think?
We want to hear from YOU…

The blog treasurelaketalk.com will provide information, announcements, stories and news along with posting property owner questions and comments.

Stay tuned for news about:
* What’s good…..
* What’s bad…..
* Your $$$ and the upcoming budget
* The borough initiative
* The cost to operate the Lakeview Lodge

And more….


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