editor1 on February 19, 2017

The warm weather has people out walking, jogging and riding bikes.

Please slow down and use caution when driving on the roads.

editor1 on February 18, 2017

With warmer weather in the forecast, the Gold Golf Course will be open this weekend. Carts will be available from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Golfers are reminded to drive on the cart paths only.

There are property owner spring weekend specials.

If you are a golfer why not take advantage of the nice weather.

editor1 on February 17, 2017

The weather forecast is calling for spring like temperatures the next few days.

Tomorrow, temperatures could climb to near 60 degrees.

Enjoy the warm weather but don’t forget winter is not over.

editor1 on February 16, 2017

We have heard that the TLPOA board of directors is working on a proposal to send to Omni regarding a management contract.

We also heard that Omni is the only business, that the TLPOA is considering at this time.

We believe it is in the best interest of the property owners to solicit proposals from ALL interested vendors.

We hope that the idea to limit the RFP to one vendor didn’t come from the gang of 3 plus 1 (Salone, Korthaus, Distler plus Cobert)!

We also hope this didn’t come from Toni Moulthrop as we believe her former Federal contracting officer experience should be helping us.

When conducting business, why would you limit the field to only one vendor?

editor1 on February 15, 2017

We have learned that a crowd of approximately 50 property owners attended tonight’s meeting about the Omni contract.

We will have more information when available.

editor1 on February 14, 2017

A special meeting will be held Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge to discuss the Omni management contract.

When a management company was selected in 2014, the board of directors made a decision and announced the hiring of a management company to operate Treasure Lake.

No special property owner meetings, no screaming, shouting or arguing, no personal appearance or appeal to the property owners by the contractor.

The directors worked it out and announced the decision!

Are we going to go through a knock down dragout procedure every time there is a contract decision to be made?

We hope not!

editor1 on February 13, 2017

We have received additional information on the proposed Verizon cell tower.

Horvath Communications is proposing a 10,000 square feet (0.2296 acre) lease area for commercial use.

The parcel will have a 300-foot communication tower with four proposed 12-foot-by-20-foot buildings within a 70-foot-by 70-foot fenced compound. The cell tower will be used by Verizon Wireless.

The plans show a proposed 30-foot wide access and utility easement.

The parcel is zoned Planned Residential Development.

The Sandy Township Planning Commission reviewed the proposal at both its October 2016 and January 2017 meetings.

According to the planning commission, the communications tower would require having the current Treasure Lake PRD amended to allow cell/communications towers in Treasure Lake.

The planning commission did review, looked at the location and they had concerns because it is in a parklet and they recommended it be moved to another area that isn’t in a parklet.

The parklet is bordered on 3 sides by residential properties.

The amendment will require a public hearing to permit a cell tower within the Treasure Lake PRD.

editor1 on February 12, 2017

We have learned a public hearing at the Sandy Township administration building will be held to obtain public comments concerning the Verizon cell tower that is to be located in Trade Winds parklet within Treasure Lake.

The TLPOA Board approved the proposal in December.

The issue was discussed at a recent Sandy Township meeting.

A public hearing is required since the installation will require an amendment to the Treasure Lake Planned Residential Development (PRD).

editor1 on February 11, 2017

We extend sympathy to the family and friends of Matthew Minich who died this week. He was a former security guard at Treasure Lake.

editor1 on February 10, 2017

Winter has cooperated and it is time for the cardboard sled derby.

The event will be held Saturday on top of the Ski Lodge Hill.

Registration and Sled Derby starts at: 11 a.m. for children 9 years-old and younger; 11:30 a.m. for youths age 10 years and over.


editor1 on February 9, 2017

The Treasure Lake community received a significant amount of snow the last few days.

We want to remind residents to be careful when cleaning driveways and not push snow onto the roads. This can cause problems for motorists.

editor1 on February 8, 2017

Is the new assistant manager MIA?

We heard last month that the new assistant manager was hired.

Unfortunately we heard this through gossip.

There have been three meetings with no announcement or introduction.

This individual will play an important role in our community and there has been no information provided to property owners.

Can anyone verify the whereabouts of the assistant general manager?

Please provide any sightings to Treasure Lake Talk.

editor1 on February 7, 2017

We hope that when the new contract is negotiated with Omni there is some provision to hold them accountable for the mistakes of management that cost the property owners thousands of dollars.

As director Joe Krill pointed out at the Omni meeting, over the last several years there have been numerous boo boos.

This is wasted property owner money for needless mistakes that should not have occurred.

Property owners can’t afford to throw money away on someone’s mistakes.

editor1 on February 6, 2017

We received this email from a reader that has questions about Omni. Can anyone help answer the questions?

I’m new here. Please help me with some information:

1. What is OMNI Management Services relationship with Oliver Management Network Inc., if any?
2. How long has OMNI Management Services been in business?
3. What other communities do they manage?
4. What do homeowners at other places they manage think of their service?
5. Where can one find a copy of the contract between OMNI Management Services and we property owners?