editor1 on September 20, 2014

Treasurelaketalk asked former TLPOA Director Wayne Marhelski “What is your opinion on the frequency and topics of executive sessions?”

Marhelski: This board looks for any reason to discuss items behind closed doors. Given some of the comments they have made, it really isn’t surprising.

What is somewhat humorous is that a few of them, Chuck Huddy probably being the biggest offender, will make some inane comment that is printed in the newspaper and then blame the newspaper.

The executive sessions also have a tendency to drift towards being a free-for-all discussion, even though they are supposed to be restricted to those items on the agenda.

There are a few board members who had suggested in the past making the work sessions an executive session. After all, the property owners are only the ones paying all the bills, why should they have any input.

You also have board members with a tendency to attack the media for negative reporting. Of course, you’ll never see them offer evidence to the contrary.

Chuck Huddy is probably the biggest offender in this case. He doesn’t like the story being printed and he attacks the messenger; but let’s completely ignore the part about the story being factual.

Another thing to keep in mind, and the board has already played this game,  is that they will have a discussion in executive session on the topics on the agenda, and then formally close the meeting. Once the meeting has been formally closed, more discussions take place on whatever people feel necessary. This of course never makes it into minutes and they believe it allows them to get around the by-laws.

Rarely has any property owner ever stayed around during the time when the executive session takes place, so this is easy to get out of control.

Having a quorum of directors present basically constitutes a meeting.

There have been times when I would not vote to approve the minutes because items were not included in the minutes.

You’d also need a board secretary willing to do the right thing and record what was discussed, not just those items on the agenda.

A perfect example was the board minutes of June 8, 2014. Once the meeting was adjourned, there were two questions posed by the GM, one on a contract and the second looking for direction on the suggestions on revisions to the by-laws. No action was taken, but there was discussion on both of these items, and that never made it into any minutes so property owners weren’t even aware of what took place.

What was especially disturbing is that Huddy suggested to Shirley (Elmore, the general manager) that the revisions be as loose as possible.

TLTAdmin on September 18, 2014

We have received several e-mails since we released the names of the candidates, something we believe that the board should have done, but once again they failed. These e-mails questioned if it was possible to put up a poll to gauge what kind of support these individuals had from the property owners. There were also a few questioning who we thought would be best person to fill the vacant position. Here is our recommendations, in order of preference, and the reason why:

1) Steve Tuller – Steve is active in the community, and is more of a regular at board meetings than most directors. He is knowledgeable about the policies and by-laws, and given some of the recent issues with failure to follow these rules, we think Steve will make a good counterpoint and speak out when these directors look to ignore our governing documents.

2) Toni Clark-Moulthrop – We think Toni would also make a good addition to the board and is our second choice. Given her attendance at board meetings and community involvement. She isn’t afraid to speak up, and we commend her for that. But given the issues with how these directors operate, we would like to see someone more familiar with the by-laws and policy.

3) Alan Moore - We don’t know much about Alan Moore, as we aren’t aware of any real involvement in the community or even attendance at meetings. We do feel that he would be preferable to Chuck Bly though, and rate him as the third preferred choice.

4) Chuck Bly – From missing too many meetings, and being removed from the board, we wonder why he threw his name into the ring, except to help prop up Chris Corcoran. We feel he is far too close to the board president, and even when he managed to show up late to meetings, he never really contributed to any of the discussions. Chuck Bly doesn’t even rate our fourth position slot.


The poll is located on the far right side of the blog just below the “Search” field and we encourage you, the readers, to show your support for your favorite candidate.




editor1 on September 18, 2014

The TLPOA has announced the names of the candidates in an eblast sent to property owners.

The candidates for the vacant board of directors seat are: Chuck Bly, Toni Clark – Moulthrop, Alan Moore and Steve Tuller.

editor1 on September 18, 2014

The board of directors has started the process to fill the vacant seat of director Wayne Marhelski who resigned in August.

At Monday’s worksession it was announced that seven property owners picked up election packets, however, only four completed the forms and submitted them for consideration.

The names of the four property owners were not announced.

Director David Distler said the board would be interviewing the candidates after the worksession.

The board is doing this business behind closed doors, not announcing the names of the candidates or publishing the candidates statements.
What’s the need for secrecy?

editor1 on September 17, 2014

Our sources tell us that Monday’s TLPOA question and answer session and worksession had a positive atmosphere.

Director Carol Korthaus conducted the meeting in the absence of TLPOA Board President Chris Corcoran.

It has been observed that when he conducts the meetings the atmosphere is generally unwelcoming, unproductive and sometimes hostile.

It would have been more beneficial for the POA if someone else was president.

Corcoran’s issues with Robert’s Rules of Order, excessive executive sessions, restricting meeting attendance and problems with the agenda do not set well with a lot of property owners.

editor1 on September 16, 2014

As Treasurelaketalk continues in its third year, we would like to thank all those people involved with making this blog site such a tremendous success.

To the many folks who contribute information and maintain this site we say thanks.

But most of all we thank you — our readers for your participation and support.

We want to hear from you and invite you to actively participate by providing your opinions to posted stories.

TLTAdmin on September 15, 2014

Some time ago the TLPOA Board of Directors formed a long range planning committee.

The committee began investigating the possibility of a 55 and over community in Treasure Lake. The committee consisted of three people.

Now we are hearing that the committee had a developer attend one of their meetings and make recommendations about how much land will be needed, how the community would be laid out and how soon the project could start.

At a recent TLPOA meeting, property owners were told that nothing is being done and that the meeting was to introduce a developer.

We have serious problems with the way this is being handled.

The committee was confined to three people without asking any other property owners to participate — three people for a project of this magnitude — no way.

Then we have one developer at a meeting — interesting!

There is also the fact that the Gannett Fleming study clearly showed a continuous care facility, including over 55 residences is not desired.

Oops! We almost forget to mention that the TLPOA has a track record of not being able to successfully manage the majority of our amenities.

What’s going on here?

The relevant page from the Gannett Fleming can be found below, but requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer:

Page 27 of Gannett Fleming Report

editor1 on September 14, 2014

A question and answer session will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 15 at the Lakeview Lodge.

The September worksession will follow at 6 p.m.

editor1 on September 13, 2014

Aqua has announced they plan to do water main flushing in the community from Sept. 14 through Oct. 3.

According to their announcement the majority of the flushing will occur during night time hours to minimize customer inconvenience, although some flushing may occur during daytime hours.

Customers may experience low pressure or discolored water during flushing.

Customers are advised not to run faucets to try and clear the water, it is best to wait till the water clears in the mains.

Customers are also advised not to wash laundry when lines are being flushed.

editor1 on September 12, 2014

We are anxiously watching the process for the TLPOA Board of Directors to fill the vacant seat of Director Wayne Marhelski.

We respect his efforts to represent the property owners and his place will be tough to fill.

Interested individuals seeking a seat on the board were required to complete the candidates information forms and submit them to the TLPOA office by this past Monday Sept. 8, 2014.

Candidates found qualified will be interviewed by the board of directors the week of Sept. 15.

We believe that the right thing for the board to do is to make the candidates’ qualifications and statements available for property owners to view as they do in the regular TLPOA election.

This information could be sent to property owners by eblast or posted on the TLPOA website which would not incur unnecessary costs to the POA.