Questionable comments:

A reader sent us three messages referencing last week’s board work session. They said that acting president Richard Whitaker, when referencing our bylaws indicated that the bylaws were written a long time ago for dysfunctional boards and that they are an inconvenience and that we should see about changing them.

The reader also said that later in the meeting Mr. Whitaker opined that Treasure Lake POA hires people as cheaply as we can and maybe we should get higher quality people, that when you pay people so little you’re not going to get people at the top of the food chain.

We hope that Mr. Whitaker reviews the tape of the meeting and clarifies for the property owners what he meant. We would also like to tell Mr. Whitaker that the bylaws are the most important legal documents of any corporation, association or partnership and are there to protect the property owners, shareholders and members, not to make it easy for the board. Our bylaws govern how the TLPOA operates and contain the information needed to run our POA as a business.

Speaking of the board and meetings, the November meetings have been moved up a week so this month’s board meeting is tonight instead of next week. We noticed that there is an executive session listed before the regular meeting starts but no agenda. We believe this has to be an oversight because this current board is priding itself on transparency.

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Weekend Edition, November 17, 18 &19. 2017

Security Building

The on again off again New Security Building for the front entrance is once again off again until spring. Our chief concern is that we are not only spending a lot of precious money having the building redesigned from the redesign of the redesign of the original design but that somewhere in the mix we are anticipating a new gate system to replace the no gate system. Due to weather and poor decision making capabilities by the board we may have a new front entrance and gate system sometime in 2025.

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Road Paving

Road Paving

Many residents wonder why the TLPOA waits until November to do road paving. We are aware that Aqua is doing a lot of line replacement but this waiting until late fall has happened too many times in the recent past. If anyone has a background in paving would they be so kind as to send us their opinion as to why.

Also, has anyone noticed the bags of garbage accumulating on the right side of the road going back to the 19th hole?  Looks bad.  

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Update on Grants

Update on Grants

At the November board work session, TLPOA General Manager Shirley Elmore had great news for property owners when she announced that a seven thousand five hundred dollar ($ 7,500) cash matching grant had been received from the Clearfield County Tourism Bureau for web development.  The TLPOA awarded a contract a few months ago to Omni Management Services for development of a new website. We thank management and staff for this great news.  

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Mr. Jude Lander, former Director of Golf at Treasure Lake submitted the following comment to us regarding our editorial titled “Golf Pro Vamoose”.  We feel it is important enough to warrant being our editorial for today.  We thank Mr. Lander for his comments  and hope that management realizes that sometimes the greenest grass is right under your feet.


As a PGA Golf Professional, a current resident since 1997 and a former Director of Golf at Treasure Lake I may be able to shed some light on this subject. Let me start off by saying the golf industry as a whole is struggling at the moment across the country BUT…Treasure Lake can and will continue to grow. Many factors play a role in golf being down:

1) Economics – people just don’t have the funds
(Rates and Membership structure must be consistent with your demographics)
2) Time – People do not have 4 ½ to 5 hours to play golf anymore
(Busy lifestyles, so this is where the PGA Professional has to be innovative and create programs to fit the patrons)
3) FUN – *this is the KEY…people play golf for fun (Have to make it fun for all skill levels and create “new golfers” which is bonus revenues and future of the club. How? Many ways, through instruction/lessons, programs, events that include social aspect as well, and MORE I could go on)
4) Innovative – This is where you keep things fresh. (PGA Professional must stay ahead of times with everything from Merchandise-Marketing Ideas-Golf in general and most of all realize PEOPLE/members change and you have to keep ahead…be flexible and willing to try new things – some fail and some stay strong…and a few of my implementations are still going strong at the Lake!)
5) Golf Courses – Gold & Silver are hands down best in the our area (WE MUST keep golf courses in A1 condition to stay competitive and on top. When your conditions deteriorate, the golf course in general will fail across the board. It affects all departments. Let me also state that Doug Adams and his crew do an amazing job…thank you)

Now back to the original golf pro “VAMOOSE” – I can not speak on why the recent pro left but 3 in 3 years does not look good for Treasure Lake. I will say that in the golf business there are many reasons for leaving such as a better opportunity somewhere else, not a good fit, location, simply don’t like it or family pressures. Numerous factors, BUT let us not put all blame on OMNI for these last pro’s departing. We all make mistakes and in the hiring process sometimes you miss and sometimes you hit a home run. We all have made mistakes but that is how you learn and GROW…move forward don’t focus on the negatives! Good people are hard to find and may be right under your nose.

Treasure Lake has everything it needs to be successful:
1) Outstanding Board of Directors who have a vision, intelligence and the desire to make this a wonderful place to live with keeping the amenities exceptional.
2) People of this community – We have the nicest people here in Treasure Lake who will continue to support the amenities and such but WE have to create an atmosphere that is family oriented and welcoming to newcomers. We have over 3500 homes here in Treasure Lake, which means we have a lot of people who need to be welcomed to the golf courses…the gold is sitting in our yard and we only have to figure out unique ways to mine it. We have the local surrounding community as well  and drawing them into an atmosphere that is magnetic…it can be done with a clear vision and a strong passion!
3) Gold & Silver Courses – finest 36 holes in the area! PLUS the best-golfing members I have ever been around at any golf club in my life. They have passion and love for their golf courses like no other.

Treasure Lake’s next PGA Professional must have vision/passion/strong family values and a love for Treasure Lake. They must also have the tools to succeed: adequate staff and training (service is everything), support from management, resources, and “Target Marketing” is crucial.

Let me apologize for me going on and on about Treasure Lake but as you can see I have the vision, ideas, passion, and love for Treasure Lake.

Thanks for reading,

Jude Lander, PGA Professional

*A huge THANK YOU to anyone that worked for me while I was Director of Golf at Treasure Lake. I would love to name all the names but I think people are tired of reading my reply here but please realize that I treated all of you as my family and have the utmost respect for every one of you. Thanks again for your commitment to me and Treasure Lake.

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Update on “Hot Potato”

We have been informed that Jessica Copenhaver, a property owner in good standing, who filed a complaint with management regarding unsafe driving by a TLPOA Security officer, spoke for approximately 15 minutes to the board and property owners in attendance at the conclusion of Monday’s work session. (1)

Jessica was very concerned that her complaint has been swept under the rug and that her witness’s verbal statement had been changed by the TLPOA general manager to reflect a much less serious complaint. Acting board president Dick Whitaker (board president George Cobert was ill and we wish him a speedy recovery) offered to act as a go between between management and the property owner. While Mr. Whitaker’s offer seems designed to assuage the situation, we have to ask, why is an individual board member meddling in a management/property owner problem? Where does the board member get the authority? We pay management and the management firm very good assessment dollars to handle these situations in a professional manner.

(1) Everything that Jessica said is on the tape of the meeting and if any property owner is interested in reviewing in order to have a clear, in-depth understanding of her complaint, they should tell management that they would like to review the tape. Management will direct you through the procedure.

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Time to show some appreciation

We all know that the “LVL” is a money loosing albatross of an amenity around the necks of approximately 90% of the property owners (the other 10% use the facility on a limited basis) and despite all the great projections put forth by management and the consultants with the crystal ball, nothing is going to change.

With this in mind we would like to offer a suggestion to the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. board of directors. Throw a banquet, say prime rib and another choice along with all the fixings for all those people in the community who perform the everyday tasks that we have become so accustomed to receiving without giving a second thought to the individuals who provide these services. Let each person bring their spouse, a friend or a parent. There are 4 groups that you can start with but we are sure that you can expand the list. Start with the Sandy Twp. VFD, the Sandy Township Police, the local ambulance services and the Treasure Lake security department. These men and women will never become millionaires doing what they do but we could never get along without them.

A one time end of the year thank you to these fine individuals will demonstrate in a small way that we do don’t take them for granted, that we realize their importance and what they do to make Treasure Lake what it is.

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WEEKEND EDITION, Nov. 10th, 11th and 12th. 2017

Saturday is Veterans Day.

We here at the TLT Blog wholeheartedly say,

“Thank you veterans for your service to our country!  God Bless you and God Bless America.”

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New Water Tank

Per an article in the Courier Express Nov. 9, 2017, the Sandy Township Supervisors will hold a public hearing regarding a request by Aqua Pennsylvania to place a 40 by 72 foot water tank on a residential lot off of Dawson Point Court. It will be adjacent to the existing tank. The hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 20 at the Sandy Township Municipal building. We urge all resident who can, attend the meeting and show support for the project. If you can’t make the meeting then we urge you to either phone the Township at 814-371-4220 or go to the Township website at and tell them that you support the project.

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A reader asked what ever happened to our grant program. She reminded us that a property owner who works with grants submitted a lot of information a couple of years ago. We also would like to know and we would like to know how do you feel about Treasure Lake P.O.A. trying to secure grants?

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On Monday, Nov. 13, 2017 Work Session Agenda, Item G.

Ski Lodge Committee Charter and Membership. We are thankful that the board has chosen to address this albatross on the back of property owners..

We would like to remind readers that the Ski Lodge had been a financial windfall for the past lessee, not only during the lease term but after the lease was terminated.

After the lease was terminated the TLPOA spent a hefty amount of your  money (reportedly over $ 50,000.00) to repurchase/secure the liquor license from the state. By repurchasing the license you (property owners who pay their assessments) did a most gracious favor for the former lessee, you bailed him out of huge tax liens.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with this structure?

If you can’t attend the meeting then please call the Administration Office at 814-371-0711 and they will tell you how you can listen to the meeting on your computer.

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Board Meetings

We have learned that the board is trying to conduct meetings that are planned in advance but are unannounced to the property owners.  While we commend their diligence we have to question why they cannot follow our BYLAWS. 

May we remind the board that our BYLAW Article IV, MEETINGS and WORK SESSIONS is very clear.  

Section 4.1 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.  Meetings and/or work sessions (hereinafter referred to as regular, special, informational, or general membership) shall be conducted as set forth in Sections 5703 and 5704, Title 15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes which also requires that notice be given to members and/or the body 5 days prior to the day named for the meeting.  

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Property Management Services Contract

The “new” Property Management Services Contract between Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. and Omni Management Services, Inc., of Indianapolis, Indiana  was signed on April 23, 2017 and entered its second contract period on November 1, 2017. This second contract period will extend until November 1, 2018.

We have expressed our doubts about the validity of this contract in that it was never reviewed by legal counsel for the TLPOA and about what we were told by the board member who negotiated it, that the new contract cost less than the original contract. When examined closely the new contract actually costs more than the old contract but we will save that for a future editorial.

We were wondering if any property owners have any concerns regarding the contract?

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Hot potato

We have learned that there is a situation happening right now that can only be described as a “hot potato”.  It involves a property owner who feels that she is not receiving due justice regarding a complaint she has filed with management and security. The complaint involves a TLPOA vehicle being driven in a very unsafe manner on October 31, 2017. We will keep you posted.

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