editor1 on October 26, 2016

Property owners are reminded  that posting political signage is not permitted within the boundaries of Treasure Lake.

The TLPOA asks residents to remove any signs from properties.

editor1 on October 25, 2016

We have learned that the TLPOA Board of Directors voted unanimously to elect David Distler as secretary/treasurer at Monday night’s meeting.

There were no nominations for treasurer so David was elected.

Board president Steve Tuller said that the bylaws allow the board secretary to be designated secretary-treasurer by majority vote of the directors.

editor1 on October 24, 2016

The TLPOA will hold its October Board of Directors meeting at 6 p.m. tonight (Monday, Oct. 24) at the Lakeview Lodge.

editor1 on October 22, 2016

The road paving project continues in Treasure Lake.

Crews were working on a portion of Bay Road today.

The TLPOA expanded its road work schedule this year after receiving bids that were lower than anticipated due to the decreased price for road paving materials.

editor1 on October 21, 2016

A Jr. Ranger Day will be held Saturday (Oct. 22) at Little Flipper Lake from 3-4:40 p.m.

Ranger Garrett will talk about bats and bat behaviors including what bats eat, where they live and how they track their prey.

Kids will help the local population by building bat houses and placing them around the nature trail.

Kids will be able to create their own bat house to take home.

Free admission – residents only. Children must be 4 and over and accompanied by an adult.

Space is limited to 25 kids.

Call 814-371-0711 ext. 903 for more information or to register.

editor1 on October 20, 2016

At Monday’s TLPOA meeting, directors talked about the new security building.

Property owners who want to see what the new building will look like can stop to see the plans at the POA office.

The price tag for the new building is estimated at over $150,000.

Plans are to tear down the current security building and build the new structure in the same location.

The existing building is rotting from the bottom up due to years of water penetration through its foundation.

The plan is to have the new building constructed on a cement slab to eliminate the water penetration.

editor1 on October 19, 2016

The TLPOA held a special meeting Monday to accept Tony Cavaiola’s resignation as a director and board treasurer.

When nominations were called for treasurer, Toni Clark Moulthrop immediately nominated George Cobert.

Cobert did not accept the nomination explaining that his schedule would interfere.

No other nominations were presented for the office of treasurer.

At this point the treasurer position remains vacant.

editor1 on October 18, 2016

Toni Clark Moulthrop replaced Director Tony Cavaiola on the Board of Directors per the TLPOA bylaws.

Cavaiola resigned last week and Moulthrop was the sole candidate remaining who was not seated from the last board of directors election.

editor1 on October 17, 2016

We can’t wait to see who the TLPOA board of directors will elect to be treasurer at tonight’s (Oct. 17) special meeting.

Director Tony Cavaiola, who served as treasurer, resigned last week.

We wonder if Director Mike Yoha will come back as treasurer. He did a nice job and explained the finances in detail. We trust him.

If he isn’t elected or doesn’t want the position we hope the board doesn’t elect Dave Distler to be treasurer.

We have been hearing that property owners do not have a lot of confidence in Distler’s abilities and we are still waiting for the missing motion to surface….the motion that increased general manager Shirley Elmore’s pay through the roof.

If he can’t handle the motions he certainly can’t handle the money and maybe he shouldn’t be board secretary!

editor1 on October 16, 2016

The topic of the Ski Lodge is on the work session agenda for Monday to be discussed in executive session.

We appreciate the Ski Lodge because its been here for a long time, however, there are issues including the outdoor concerts and the payment of the rent.

The building itself needs some attention that will result in thousands of dollars for the property owners.

There is also the problem that the building is not handicap accessible.

Many people believe that its operation competes with the other Treasure Lake restaurants.

Maybe it is time to make a change.

editor1 on October 14, 2016

We were surprised to hear that the TLPOA Board of Directors unanimously agreed to hire an assistant general manager to help the general manager.

Questions that come to mind:
Why is an assistant manager needed? Herm Suplizio can handle DuBois and Dave Monela takes care of Sandy Township — they don’t need assistant managers! Why do we?

The cost of two full-time managers won’t be cheap.

And, last but not least, if Shirley Elmore is the hot shot manager that Omni claims she is, why do we need an assistant?

Hmmm….Maybe this is too much for her to handle?

editor1 on October 13, 2016

We have learned that the TLPOA board of directors have voted to accept Shirley Elmore back as TLPOA general manager.

Directors Mike Yoha, Frank Calderone and Steve Tuller voted no and filed letters of dissent.

It appears that director George Cobert was the driving force behind this action.

There is still the problem of the contract issue and no TLPOA minutes of a pay increase or job title change for the general manager.

Thank you to the three directors who voted no and filed letters of dissent.

editor1 on October 12, 2016

We have learned that director Tony Cavaiola has resigned from the TLPOA board of directors.

Anyone who attended the October 3 meeting can understand his decision.

Secretary David Distler signed a piece of paper November 2014 authorizing a pay raise for the general manager; but, there is no record of the board authorizing this in any minutes.

Director George Cobert refused to remove a motion after being asked numerous times, he finally buckled when Carol Korthaus pleaded with him.

Director Carol Korthuas made loud outbursts several times during discussions.

Directors George Cobert and Larry Salone tried to interrupt the president’s comments.

Did they look bad? Yes, and unprofessional.

P.S. Thank you for your service Tony. We will miss you.

editor1 on October 11, 2016

Note: Property Owner Chris Miller asked TLT to post the following information.

Fellow Treasure Lake Property Owners:

A few months back, the board of directors asked the POA attorney to review the bylaws and declaration of restrictions. Specifically, they asked the attorney to render an opinion on whether or not the POA is obligated to maintain and keep open the amenities that continue to lose hundreds of thousands of our assessment dollars year after year.

This opinion has been available to the board since at least September 19, 2016 when it was on the meeting agenda. I requested a copy of this opinion following the proper procedure using form A-47.

Of course, Mr. Distler replied that he will not release it because the board is still reviewing it. I solicited my own attorney opinion back in April, 2016, and they found that the POA is under no obligation to maintain and operate any amenities.

I have a feeling that the POA attorney came back with the same opinion and the board does not want to share that information. We do not want a board muddled version of the opinion, we want the actual version.

I am urging everyone to complete form A-47 and request a copy of the attorney opinion on the amenities.