editor1 on October 31, 2014

We have learned that at this week’s TLPOA meeting, Director Joe Krill introduced a motion to appoint a special committee to study the  feasibility of charging a fee for commercial vehicles entering Treasure Lake.

Krill was the only director to vote in favor of the motion.

Directors asked how to determine what is a commercial vehicle or a service  vehicle.

Several directors said they were concerned that the cost charged for the commercial vehicles would be passed on to the property owners.

editor1 on October 30, 2014

At Monday’s TLPOA meeting the board of directors voted not to place stop signs on Bay Road.

Director Joe Krill proposed the stop signs as a way to slow down traffic that was speeding through that area.

He was the only director that voted in favor of the motion.

The safety and security committee went on record as opposing the stop signs for a number of reasons particularly emphasizing that stop signs are not the recommended method to control speeding.

editor1 on October 29, 2014

Trick-or-treating will be held from 5-7 p.m. Friday in Treasure Lake.

Drivers please use caution when driving through the community.

editor1 on October 28, 2014

At the question and answer session last week, a property owner asked if the new docks (at the Treasure Lake marina) will have to be removed for
winter and about problems with ice.

General manager Shirley Elmore said the dock installers recommend that the docks be left in the water.

Maintenance Director Eric Von Schmittou said removing the docks is a major project.

editor1 on October 27, 2014

The TLPOA will hold its October board of directors meeting tonight (Monday, Oct. 24) at 6 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge.

The agenda includes:
— voting to publish the value added report
— buying two stop signs and warning signs.
— establishing a group to study user fee for commercial vehicles.
— publish candidate statements submitted for the vacant directors seat.

editor1 on October 26, 2014

We heave learned that a special meeting was held recently to discuss moving an electric pole for road work to continue in the area of Samana Cay Road.

Directors voted to authorize the general manager to have Penelec relocate the pole for the road project at a cost not to exceed $11,000.

editor1 on October 25, 2014

At the question and answer session this week, a property owner asked about the Treasure Lake Ski Lodge.

Treasure Lake General Manager Shirley Elmore said there is nothing going on with the Ski Lodge.

She said the topic has not been discussed in any meetings and that the Ski Lodge operator has a lease.

It was stated that the lease is for three years and approximately 1 1/2 years remain on the current lease.

editor1 on October 24, 2014

A TLPOA director is trying to help slow down traffic in the community.

At a previous TLPOA meeting, director Joe Krill discussed placing stop signs on Bay Road to slow speeding vehicles and presented petitions from property owners supporting this initiative.

At Monday’s meeting, Krill recognized that the Safety and Security Committee conveyed their opinion that stop signs should not be used as speed controls and they pointed out that this is also supported by both the Federal Highway Administration and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Krill presented his detailed disagreement with the committee’s conclusions.

Several directors also voiced their agreement with the committee.

Krill said he will proceed with a motion at Monday’s meeting to purchase and install two stop signs and two warning signs. He said the cost for the signs would be less than $500.

editor1 on October 23, 2014

It was disappointing to learn that once again, like the prior year, there were Halloween trunk or treat problems.

Turning children away is unacceptable!

How can anyone explain to a three-year old that they were not registered to participate?

Why not plan ahead and spend a couple of dollars more for extra bags of  candy for unregistered children when we throw away thousands of dollars for  adult  fun and games.

We also heard that the event could have been better organized.

Is it time for someone else to handle this event?

Maybe it is time for the recreation committee to take charge.

editor1 on October 22, 2014

Treasurelaketalk asked former Director Wayne Marhelski his opinion on issues involving Treasure Lake.

TLT: Having lived in Treasure Lake would you recommend it as a lifestyle to treasure?

Marhelski: There are a lot of good people in Treasure Lake. We enjoyed the area while we lived there, but the main problem is there are still people who envision it as something it isn’t.

It has basically evolved into a bedroom community and yet is still burdened with aspects that most really don’t care about.

When you look at the number of families with children in the lake, they most likely work outside the lake, their children go to school outside of  the lake, and the activities they are likely involved in such as sports or other activities are outside the lake.

The argument for the people that want to maintain the status is always, “but the amenities have always been here.”

Never mind that many of these same people, especially the board, were also in favor of becoming a borough and breaking free of Sandy Township.

It only takes one word to describe them, hypocrite.