editor2 on October 18, 2017

Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, Inc., a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation (TLPOA) entered into a management contract with Omni Management Services, Inc. (Agent) of Indianapolis, Indiana. The contract covers the responsibilities and duties Agent is to provide along with the responsibilities and duties of the TLPOA. The contract was available on the Treasure Lake website for all TLPOA Property Owners in good standing to read; what we are about to say comes from that document. Document was signed by Steve Tuller, President TLPOA on 4/24/17, David Distler, Board Sec/Treasurer on 4/21/17 and Carol Korthaus, Vice president on 4/21/17.

Section 1.3 Scope of Work

Omni shall serve as exclusive property manager for TLPOA to perform the tasks and duties (see 1.4. Deliverables) contained herein.

Section 1.4 contains over 14 different Deliverables to include the executive oversight of the day to day management activities for the completion of the necessary functions required to meet the standards for the Scope of Work herein.

Under Contract for Property Management Services, general Terms and Conditions Part E. Contractor warrants that it is fully qualified to perform the work, and holds all applicable licenses, permits, and all other necessary qualifications. Contractor shall perform and complete in a good and worker-like manner all the work pertaining thereto described in the Scope of Work and to furnish at its cost and expense all tools, equipment, labor and materials necessary therefore, except such materials as are specifically stipulated in the contract documents to be furnished by TLPOA, and to do everything required by this contract.

Under section titled Property Management Services Contract the contract price and the contact period have been set forth.

Part N. Entire Contract. This contract, including all attachments, represents the entire contract between the parties with respect to the services which may be the subject of this contract. Any variance in the attachments does not affect the validity of the contract and the contract itself controls. All prior contracts, representations, statements, negotiations and undertakings whether oral or written are superseded hereby.

Staffing, Personnel Supervision, Office Facilities

Omni Management Services, Inc. (Agent) shall appoint a General manager with the appropriate experience who will have the responsibility for day-to-day management activities including supervision of Agent’s and Treasure Lake Property Owners’s Association (TLPOA) personnel. On site meetings, such as meetings described herein, shall be held at mutually agreeable dates and times. Agent shall appoint an Assistant General manager with appropriate experience who will have responsibility for day-to-day management activities under the supervision and direction for the General manager.

Fiscal, Financial and Bookkeeping Services

8. Any payments to Agent or any person(s) or entity(ies) affiliated with Agent, other than the management fee set for in this agreement, shall be authorized in writing, by the Board of Directors and supported by invoices or other appropriate documentation.

Section 1.10 Required Documents Provided by Omni Management Services, Inc.

Third paragraph, Omni shall submit a list of all key personnel that the company intends to name as representatives with whom TLPOA shall do business during the term of this agreement.

In light of what has been written in the contract and the Modification 1 between Omni and the TLPOA, it appears that Omni is responsible for all wages and benefits for the General Manager and the Assistant General Manager.

editor2 on October 16, 2017

With the Gold Golf Course being closed for the season, TLPOA residents are invited to walk the course and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. Hopefully when the final dollar and cents numbers are presented the Gold Course will no longer be a financial millstone around the property owners checkbooks. In the meantime, for those who can or even know about it, they should enjoy the short time that they have to walk the courses because winter is just around the corner, slowly followed by spring when the course will be closed again to TLPOA resident walkers. More about golf to follow.

editor2 on October 15, 2017

It is very difficult to understand the mindset of drivers who will speed on our roads which do not have any sidewalks and yet when in town they automatically obey the speed limits, stop signs and red lights. Are they really that immature or is this their way of flashing the finger at our community?

editor2 on October 14, 2017

“Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty” — Anne Louise Germaine de Stael

editor2 on October 12, 2017

On the surface Treasure Lake appears to be a beautiful gated community which is run by an outside management firm for the convenience of the board. However, under close examination one finds that the management firm has no authority to to do anything without the express consent of the board either via its management agreement or instructions from the board. The management firm has written into its agreement many caveats to protect it from any directions that the board may give it that are contrary to the express provisions of the agreement. (Agreement has been online for many months so we are not saying anything that is not public knowledge).

The agent has the responsibility to appoint a general manager and an assistant manager, both of whose salary, benefits, etc. will be the responsibility of the Treasure Lake Property Owners Association (TLPOA) but will be counted as being provided by the agent. In other words, they are counted as key personnel of the agent. The general manager’s duties are clearly spelled out in the TLPOA By-Laws. The general manager works with the board but the general manager does not control the board. Some will say that we have this scenario backwards, that the general manager controls the board. No, the general manager does not control the Treasure Lake board. If it seems like that then it is the fault of the Board, not the general manager.

Keeping what has been written in mind one must remember that the agent nor any of its representatives can do anything that is not sanctioned by the board or written into its contract. If the agent or one of its representatives violates any of the provisions of the contract or directions given it by the board then the whole contract can be nullified by the board. Plainly speaking, the agent serves the board.

So far, so good. Now we must ask, who controls the board? Many people will say, we the people control the board, we elect them, they represent us. On the surface this seems realistic but when you dive a little deeper you see that while the property owners do vote for whom they want, in reality the winners are almost always the candidates that have been “blessed” with the bloc vote. We all know what the bloc vote is, we just cannot fathom how much power it has. If you are a candidate for the board and you say what the bloc vote wants to hear, then guess what, your chances of winning a seat on the board just skyrocketed.

There are approximately 4,400 property owners in good standing that can vote in the election of board members. Of that 4,400 only 700 to 1,000 cast ballots in any given year. Of those 700 to 1,000 who cast ballots 168 of those votes are from the bloc vote. The significance should now be very apparent. 168 votes for each of their candidates of choice, and  there are never less than 3 board positions to be filled.   For those not familiar with the bloc vote it consists of 15 votes from Silverwoods wholly owned, 64 from Silverwoods weekly timeshares and 89 from Wolf Run weekly timeshares. All three entities are operated by Crown Resorts, and yes, their vote is just as valid as any other property owner’s.

Final thoughts on who really runs Treasure Lake. The Agent, “Omni Management” and “Crown Resorts” are in business to make money. It behooves them to work together to insure that their businesses remain profitable. On the other hand, Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. is a Not For Profit Corporation whose goal is to protect and increase property values through wise and prudent leadership and offer to members amenities that are not available in the average community.

editor2 on October 12, 2017

Our last words on our beautiful lakes is that a special Lake and Stormwater Management Special Committee was formed last year and they are making some suggestions. If the board heeds the committees suggestions and moves with utmost speed then hopefully things will improve. The improvements will not come cheap but the golf courses have been taken care of, the borough initiative is over and the lodge isn’t leaking anymore (it’s still leaking money but that is separate issue) so there should be plenty of money available without raising assessments.

editor2 on October 11, 2017

Part 2

As mentioned yesterday, the beautiful lakes of Treasure Lake have a problem with contamination from synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Running parallel with this problem is the fact that the lakes have not been maintained like they should be. The money that should have been used for proper lake maintenance and timely preventative maintenance dredging always seemed to find its way into maintenance and enhancement of the golf courses, the lodge and of course can we ever forget the ever popular borough initiative.

on October 10, 2017

(Two More Editorials to Follow)

The beautiful lakes of Treasure Lake have a problem with contamination from synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides used by property owners to enhance the growth of their lawns and by the massive amount of synthetic chemicals used by the TLPOA on its pristine golf courses.

When the excess chemicals run off into our lakes, they cause algae blooms. When the algae die, they sink to the bottom and decompose.

These blooms are so bad that the TLPOA spends a lot of money each year to try and control them with more chemicals.

This problem has been compounding itself for decades and will not stop until the board makes the decision to stop the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

on October 10, 2017

The POA office will close at 2 p.m. today (Tuesday, Oct. 10) due to a staff meeting.

The office will reopen Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 9 a.m.

on October 9, 2017

The board appears to be trying to broadcast the work session and board meetings via the internet. We say trying.

We have spoken to only two people who were able to access the system.

The first said it was totally garbled and the hoops that she had to go through to sign up to listen demonstrated paranoia by the board, designed to insure failure. She isn’t going to try again.

The second said that aside from the garbled noise it appeared that board members didn’t know how to use their mics.

You’d think that the board would be bending over backwards to get property owners to listen but they don’t seem to be.

on October 8, 2017

We learned that the TLPOA squandered $1,386.70 to respond to a civil suit filed by property owner Chris Miller.

Chris Miller was seeking $106.59 for a fine he paid for a citation that he claims was not his (more information coming on this issue).

Anyone can figure out that this cost the TLPOA more money than if it would have reimbursed Chris Miller the amount he was seeking.

In other words, it cost the TLPOA $1,386.70 to save $106.59.

on October 6, 2017

The TLPOA will be hosting a Town Hall meeting Saturday, Oct. 7 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Cayman Lodge.

Speakers will address updates to the Security guardhouse, status of the decrepit Ski Lodge plus other subjects.

We encourage all property owners who can, to attend.

on October 5, 2017

Aqua Pennsylvania has once again demonstrated their commitment to modernizing the water system in Treasure Lake.

At a press conference held today representatives of Aqua outlined the next phase of water line replacement that will take place on Bay Road.

Property owners in Treasure Lake have been very fortunate in that Aqua has and is keeping their commitment to modernizing the antiquated, very poorly maintained system that they purchased from TESI.

on October 4, 2017

A considerable number of property owners have requested permission to continue Treasure Lake Talk, also known as TLT.

After careful consideration we have approved their request.

They intend on maintaining TLT’s commitment to being a source of honest, reliable information regarding the Treasure Lake community and a forum for open discussion of issues important to the property owners of Treasure Lake.

If you have any suggestions regarding issues important to you or topics that have not been discussed then please send them in.

Thank you.