Question On Stats From a Loyal Reader

I know that your website is just for Treasure Lake residents which would naturally make your audience small in comparison to a regional or national website. I figure that your audience couldn’t be bigger than 3,500 people. With that in mind, would you mind telling us your stats?

Our Statistics from January 1st 2018 through yesterday (118 days) are:
Unique visitors: 23,290
Visits 49,182
Pages 145,616
Hits 193,559

Hope that helps.

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Can Anyone Provide an Update

We were wondering if anyone can provide us with an update on the David verses Goliath lawsuit between Mr. Miller and the TLPOA. Last we knew the TLPOA had spent $13,000.00 to enforce a $100.00 fine.

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Work Session Discussion Minutes from 4/16/18












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Board Work Session

April 16, 2018          6:00 p.m.

Board of Directors Work Session this evening at the Lakeview Lodge.

Please Remember:   What you see there, what you hear there and what you say there has to stay there.

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Submitted by a Property Owner in Good Standing

Submitted by Mr. Chris Miller

Sequence of events leading to LVL A/C bid as I recall them:

1) In October of 2017 a property owner in good standing with a professional background in heating and cooling systems saw some commentary about the failed system at the LVL. He contacted me and offered to evaluate it for the TLPOA. I approached the rest of the board, and they agreed it was a good idea. The board asked him to do the evaluation and was met onsite by 2 members of the board.

2) The property owner then reviewed the system and proposed options that were put forth by the engineers and then met with the entire board on November 9. At the time there were 5 options being floated with the most expensive option being recommended by the engineering firm which was a VRF heat pump system which was stated to be the way the TLPOA was leaning to purchase. He recommended against this for a number of reasons including first cost, serviceability, complexity, comfort and cost of ownership. His recommendation was to go with option 4 – replace AHU and CU and convert system to a VAV system.

The property owner then suggested that this could be purchased through a cooperative purchasing group and assisted the GM to become a member of NIPA cooperative purchasing group. This avenue would save a significant amount of money for the POA not only for this project but future projects and equipment as well. He explained that he ordinarily does not do plan and spec work and would not be participating in a public bid for this work.

3) The board elected to go with the engineering firm to provide design and specifications and to select option 4 based following our discussion. At this point the property owner considered himself removed from this project.

4) In December, the property owner was contacted by the engineer at the EADS group who asked that he participate in this event. The property owner made it clear that he could not work in the public plan and spec bid world. The engineer then explained he was given the property owners information by someone with Treasure Lake P.O.A. management and was recommended that he work with them on this and that it was to be a private bid amongst select qualified bidders. The POA requested the property owner be involved in this based on his extensive background in the HVAC industry and the fact that he has been a property owner in good standing at TL for going on 8 years.

5) Over the next couple of months the property owner heavily participated in the design and equipment selections (this is a common industry practice with qualified participants), his input resulted in a substantial improvement for cost, quality and function over the preliminary design.

6) On Feb. 26, the property owner was sent an email at the last minute, even after committing a very significant amount of time to this project, that TL management was now requiring this to be a publicly advertised bid instead of the closed bid that he was told it would be prior to his substantial time commitment to this project. Even with this new twist, the property owner continued forward with his submission due to the time investment he had into the project at that point.

7) EADS group held a pre-bid walkthrough of the job listing the equipment manufacturer that the property owner works for as basis of design but other major manufacturers were acceptable as equals.

8) Bids were due on March 7, 2018 at the office of the EADS Group in Somerset, Pa.. The property owner arrived at 10:10 AM on that morning after driving on roads which were not the safest due to a winter snow storm and dropped off the bid. As he was leaving the parking lot he was flagged down and asked to come back inside, once inside he was told that the bid had been postponed 2 weeks due to some minor revisions, although privately he was told it was due to a lack of bidders (only 2 because of the liquidated damages clause). The TL GM also made a statement saying she expected the property owner not to bid since they went to a public bid. Postponing a bid without notice is not an acceptable business practice and is also very unprofessional. The property owner was told by the engineer that the TL management was to notify participants of the bid postponement. While still at the EADS office the property owner attempted to call the Assistant General Manager to get an explanation of this but they were unavailable. The AGM later did contact the property owner stating that he had expected EADS to notify bidders, at this point the property owner offered to withdraw from the bid as it was becoming apparent that there was some sort of problem with his involvement. The AGM stated that he did not want the property owner to withdraw.

9) The property owner submitted a final bid on the bid date as requested. He was low bid by $9,652.00. His bid was thrown out of consideration resulting in the only other bidder being awarded the job. The stated reason for the property owners bid being thrown out was because of some exception he noted in his bid. The exception he noted was to clarify liquidated damages to complete vs accepted since a project can be completed, and the owner (the POA) would gain the benefit of it and then possibly delay acceptance and call for liquidated damages when there are none. The property owner also offered improved payment terms and doubling the installation warranty over what was requested which in itself is worth thousands of dollars more.

A couple of other items to consider:

TL Management would have you believe the engineer (EADS) made the decision to throw out the property owners bid, but that is only the owners right.
There were only 2 bidders on this project due to the mishandling of the entire process by TL management
The decision was also not made based on qualifications as a job like this should be. I ask, was a comparison of the service departments completed with regards to this very special major purchase made?
With this in mind, before throwing out the bid of the most qualified participant would any questions not warrant a simple phone call to save well over $10,000.00 and have the security of the property owners HVAC company, the largest manufacturer in the world, supporting and warranting this project?

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A Little Sunshine to Smile About

We understand that the purchase of a new A/C unit for the Lodge has been righteously questioned.  SUNSHINE

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE OLD A/C UNIT?  It’s our opinion that the original purchase for the antiquated A/C unit made 4 years ago should come under intense scrutiny because it wasn’t a bid and the quality of the purchase was extremely poor. Yes, it really was a $50,000.00+ purchase that has turned out to be an albatross that all assessment paying property owners have been forced to wear around their neck. We’ve been told by reliable sources some of the details about how the purchase came about but will leave the subject as is and ask that anyone familiar with the particulars to comment.

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WOW, just WOW

A submission by a very concerned property owner.

The annual assessment package was mailed to the property owners, and as many of you are aware, there is a section that is requesting your social security number. We want all property owners to be aware that it is NOT required that you give this information to the POA. Quite frankly, we feel the POA should have clearly indicated on the form that it was optional. When the POA was questioned about why they were attempting to collect property owner’s social security numbers, 3 different stories came from them.

1. An employee from the office told a property owner that it was a clerical error. The POA contracted a 3rd party to produce the forms and the request for social security numbers should not have been on the form. This initial explanation made us wonder why someone from the POA wouldn’t have proof read them prior to mailing?? After all, there are more than enough employees under the “administration” classification in the budget.
2. The next story we were told was that they just wanted the information to keep everything updated. This raised the question, “why do you need anything more than our 911 address?
3. The final explanation came at the April 5, 2018 town hall meeting. The general manager admitted to the property owners that they wanted the social security numbers in the event that they would ever have to turn a property owner account over to collections, it would make it easier if the social security numbers were available to the collection service.

In closing, all we can say is WOW, just WOW!!

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What’s your opinion on the latest Annual Assessment Package?

There appears to be an error in the Omni Management Services Official Annual Assessment packages mailed out by Omni. The Billing Date is listed as May 01, 2018. The Due Date 05/01/2018. It goes on to say that your Payment should arrive on or before the Due Date.

Now we have heard of Net 10, Net 30, Net 10 with a certain discount if paid early. We were wondering what kind of terms these are?

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Town Hall Meeting Thursday 6:00 PM at the Lakeview Lodge. Please don’t miss it.

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May you feel the hope of new beginnings, love and happiness during this joyful Easter holiday.

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A Little History of Treasure Lake Talk “TLT”

On February 26, 2012 Treasure Lake “TLT” was inaugurated. A blog that was designed for you.

Original Post:
Welcome to Treasure Lake Talk
Posted on February 26, 2012
Welcome to the inaugural of
a blog designed for YOU.

Why this blog?

For the past few years, property owners have been discouraged from speaking or asking questions of the board of directors at Treasure Lake meetings. When property owners gather up the courage to ask questions there is most often no response from the board of directors or management. They are either uncomfortable responding or are just plain arrogant.
Property owner money pays to operate our community.
We believe property owners deserve the courtesy of a response!
What do you think?
We want to hear from YOU…

The blog will provide information, announcements, stories and news along with posting property owner questions and comments.

Stay tuned for news about:
* What’s good…..
* What’s bad…..
* Your $$$ and the upcoming budget
* The borough initiative
* The cost to operate the Lakeview Lodge

And more….


Treasurelaketalk (TLT) is a community service providing information on events and issues for the Treasure Lake community. TLT is not responsible for any comments posted. Each comment expresses the view of its author and not the views of this forum or any entity associated with this forum. We do not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of any post and are not responsible for the contents of any post.  We reserve the right to not publish and to delete any post.

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We Hope We’ve Helped

Dear Friends: Treasure Lake Talk (“TLT”) isn’t closing the door. Because of recent board actions regarding dissemination of real board news (what is happening with your assessment dollars) we have to take a short break and work on a new format. We are discussing ideas that we think will broaden our scope of information and continue to be enlightening and rewarding for all our readers. We’ve no intention of treating our readers like mushrooms and we believe that honest information is vital to property owners. We chose to keep the message board open to accommodate any comments that readers may want to submit. The blog will remain as is until the new format is completed. Sincerely, TLT

The following comment by “Brett”  set us to thinking, and you know, maybe he is right.

” See that’s the thing Chris. You say majority looks other way but these board members were voted in. Maybe ppl like us are in the minority and the majority actually approve of how board acts.”

We discussed his comment and we agree.  In our discussions one of our contributors said, “who cares as long as what is discussed is honest, open to scrutiny and unbiased”.  Another contributor was emphatic in their agreement with Brett.  With that said we can say that since we took over the blog from the former publishers WE have made every effort to enlighten the property owners with just the facts and have trashed a lot of comments because of inaccuracies, slanderous statements and just plain inappropriate language.

We are taking the board’s edict which the board put  forth as a public statement (posted below) at the March 19, 2018 board work session.  We thank everyone who has written us and also all who have posted comments. We especially want to thank the TLPOA employees past and present who have written us. We wish the best to all those who use Facebook and to our friends at the Courier Express.  As we all know, the Courier Express provided tremendous coverage of all the board meetings before being banned.  May God Bless all of you.


Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, Inc.

The Treasure Lake Property Owners Association has promulgated the following public statement.

“The Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. (‘TLPOA’ or ‘Association’) is a private, not-for-profit corporation that acts on behalf of the property owners of Treasure Lake. No person, business or other entity, including, but not limited to, TLPOA staff and members, newspaper publications and other media outlets shall be permitted, without the express written consent of the TLPOA Board of Directors, to copy, record, release, transmit, reproduce, publish or disseminate the business, records and other information of any kind whatsoever, that is referenced, utilized or otherwise discussed at any meeting or work session of the Association, or its Board of Directors.”

This public utterance is promulgated to clarify that meetings of the Association are for the-purpose of dealing with matters relating to the operation, management, evaluation and budgeting of the Association. Such matters are of importance and interest to the members of the Association. But inasmuch as they almost always relate exclusively to the interests of the membership and are not necessarily for public dissemination, they are not intended for wider distribution in most cases.

As a not-for-profit corporation, the Association has the right to define what information matters will be promulgated into the wider public arena. Private Association business information is, by definition, available for the membership of the Association only. It will continue to be published or promulgated by the Association in ways that can inform membership about the actions or concerns of the Association.

These actions may include the publishing of minutes for distribution at subsequent meetings, the posting of minutes or notices on the TLPOA website and community bulletin boards, the use of the TLPOA e-blast communications system and posting of public notices on the entrance signage.

The Association acknowledges that there will be many times in which issues, practices, or events will be discussed at meetings which should be shared with the greater community. These instances will be dealt with by various possible methods.

In advance of such meetings, the Association may authorize news coverage by stating that the meeting content will be available for outside publication. Also, the Association may issue press releases to inform the greater community about issues, programs, or events, about which the Association believes it to be important that non-property owners be informed.

In any case, there will continue to be events and activities taking place at Treasure Lake, about which it will be important to advise the greater community; our statement concerning the release of information in no way intends to restrict the sharing of such information.

This statement is approved and announced by the TLPOA Board of Directors in March, 2018 and will remain in effect until further notice.
13 Treasure Lake• DuBois, PA 15801 • Phone: 814.371.0711 • Fax: 814.375.9072•

For The Record

Mr. Tuller is the only board member who opposed this motion.  We have a feeling that Mr. Tuller’s strong military background and allegiance to  the Constitution led him to oppose this.  Thank you, Mr. Tuller.       TLT

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Questions From Our Readers Part 5

Question: Has anyone from the TLPOA ever contacted you about what you write.

Answer: No one from the TLPOA has ever contacted us on behalf of the TLPOA. If the TLPOA had any rebuttal for anything we have written we would gladly publish it. That goes for all property owners whether or not they are in good standing. Case in point; Mrs. Whitaker has communicated her opinions at various times and we gladly post them. We thank Mrs. Whitaker.

Question: Is Omni living up to their contract?

Answer: We have no idea. You will have to ask the board that question. You can assume that they will get out the pom poms and say yes. However, they didn’t for the first contract. We will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on frivolous legal items and not spend a dime on having the contract reviewed by counsel. Figure that one out and let us know your conclusion.

Question: How many people you got working on this hear blog?

Answer: 7 contributors and 1 contributor/editor.

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An Emergency?

We were told that the impact of your property assessment increase has just been significantly gutted. The board voted to purchase a brand spanking new A.C. system for the Lodge. We were told it is an “emergency” purchase. When all is said and done, a quarter of a million dollars of your assessment money will be spent replacing the antiquated (5 years old and supposedly it was antiquated when purchased) A.C. system that was sold, not bid, under the pretext of “emergency” to the TLPOA while Chris Corcoran was president. A system that has been a problem since it was installed. It appears that in both instances the purchases were presented as emergencies by management. Someone should ask the board why this is an “emergency” purchase when they have been tinkering around with vendors for a while now and it should have been budgeted.

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