Broadcasting charade is over

At last evenings TLPOA board session six members voted to discontinue attempting to broadcast the meetings and one board member felt his voice shouldn’t be heard so he abstained. The general manager had asked at the work session the week before “if the directors believed this was worthwhile financially.” It appears that management and the board believe it is fiscally irresponsible to keep the property owners informed. The TLPOA spent approximately $700.00. 

In an even bolder move five members (two abstained) voted to sanction a former board member (Miller)  for asking a simple question.

And the beat goes on, the beat goes on
Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
La de da de de, la de da de da

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Rec’d the following message earlier today from Joe Krill–Don’t know if he knows how the vote went but he’s on target.

Dear Treasure Lake Talk, My sincerest thank you for publishing my letter to the editor from the Courier Express.

To begin with we have a situation where Gibbs Rule # 39 applies. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

My concern is that the Board and management knows that their actions will not be scrutinized because property owners do not come to the meetings. HOW CAN THEY? MOST OF THEM ARE AT WORK OR ATTENDING TO FAMILY MATTERS. The only way anyone will know what is going on is by reading the excellent articles in the Courier Express about the meetings.

After the GM questioned if the directors believed the live stream broadcast was worthwhile financially, they scheduled a vote on whether or not to continue the FAKE broadcasts. Yes fake and in my opinion, designed to fail. I predict that all seven members will vote to stop the charade under the pretext of saving money. The same management and Board that is responsible for securing and approving all bids for the TLPOA. All by design so that it can be said, we tried. This whole project, from start to finish could not have cost more than $ 700.00 (SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS) so far and they will say they tried.

Thank you again. Joe Krill

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Taken from the C/E Tri-County Sunday edition, Letters to the Editor. We couldn’t agree more with the writer.

The Friday, January 19, 2018 edition of the Courier Express has an article on page 3 regarding  the TLPOA and board meetings being broadcast.  The article began with the following:

“The Treasure Lake Property Owners Association has been providing a live stream broadcast of work sessions and board meetings to interested property owners for the past few months.  At the January work session, TLPOA general manager Shirley Elmore reported six people signed up for the live stream at the beginning, now there are four people signed up and currently two people are participating.  She wanted to know if the directors believed this was  worthwhile financially.

I am a property owner (Two lots and one home) who signed up for this broadcast.  My main residence is 90 miles from Treasure Lake. The broadcast has never worked for me.  I have an email trail covering all the failed attempts by the Treasure Lake IT staff trying to make the broadcasts work with a bunch of excuses.  I truly believe that this infantile attempt into “broadcasting the meetings” was designed to fail from the get go.  Ms. Elmore wants to know if it is worth it financially?  The cost is micro minuscule in comparison to the thousand upon thousands of dollars spent on projects that have been flops.  With over half of the assessment paying property owners in Treasure Lake not living there I have to ask, what has management done to notify these thousands of property owners of the broadcast?

Property owners have a need to know what is happening at the Board meetings.

Finally, I have to thank the Courier Express for their great reporting of the Board meetings.

Joseph Krill, Delmont

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Legal Fees

Treasure Lake Property Owners Association (that’s you) in conjunction with management, ( that’s Omni Management Services, Inc., a property management firm which provides the day to day operations at Treasure Lake) has spent approximately $110,000.00 so far this fiscal year on legal fees. That boils down to approximately $ 407.00 a day (seven days a week) being spent by you for who knows what?

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A reader submitted the following. While we don’t agree with all his points we appreciate the effort.

Not sure where to start on this one, so in no particular order, here goes what ccomes to mind in no specific order:

1. Is the Pastor a property owner in good standing,? Last I checked, this was the only real requirement to be nominated and appointed to the board by the majority of votes. That being said, everything else on this subject is a moot point unless the requirements for an appointment to the board changes. No matter who you are, you all have at least one special interest when you run for the board because if this isn’t true, you’d never get voted onto the board.

2. Does the Pastor have an overall conflict of interest in fact; only when the agenda presents an issue relating to benefiting or sanctioning the Church from the TL POA, then we should expect the Pastor to obstain from voting. I’m sure he has enough integrity, or at best common sense to do the right thing. Sounds like this post proves different since his non-property owner flock is getting special treatment by not stoping and checking in with security.

3. Does the Pastor have a conflict in interest in appearance since some would suggest being that he is head of church within the gates, and an active board member? Sure just like any board member who is an active vendor contracted with the TLPOA.

4. Anyone who owns a for profit business in the area would be out of their tree to run for a non-paid board, since you can’t please everyone, every time. You would never risk losing a single customer and put your company into financial jeopardy! Common sense prevails not to run for the board.

5. Here’s an easy thought: Issue and charge $100 for the annual “ezpass” card to anyone who’d like to enter the lake that is not a property owner but wants to use the public amenities. Restrict their movement within the lake with more gates, this is the only real solution, like or not it’s the realtity.

6.Set up and restrict the new “ez-pass” for non property owners to align with the operation hours for the intended purpose for gaining entry. For example if church is going on Sunday 8am to 1pm, then the ez-pass is only active during this time, Sunday 730am to 1:30pm If anyone who is issued a pass and is still within the gates often hours, have security should fine them for violation, just like property owners and who speed.

7. Set up more gates throughout the community that restrict non-owners from roaming throughout the lake, and keep the roads leading to the public establishments open for the public to use. For example, if you are going to the church, you should only be physically able to go to the T, turn left, gate in place, that would open when you turn left. Your church pass would not open the gate if you try to go left. Add additional gates at all the side roads so that it forces non owners traffic to only lead to public places. Last I checked the lake view is only open from Wednesday through who know what Saturday and Sunday’s, but the ez pass can be configured to restrict non owners before and after the LVL is actually opened. Again charge $100 for a yearly pass or $10 each time you enter if you don’t want to purchase the annual pass. Remember folks, for every $1 spent at the LVL or Duffers, we the property owners pay $1.70 in losses, it’s better to have no one eat at duffers and the lvl then to loose $1.70 per every $1.oo spent. The ez pass would open the appropriate gates, just like a hotel that restricts floors for VIP members.

8. Like or or not the above actions is the only way to keep the gate and community private. If not, in 2018 Non property owners going to church will be exempt, then 2019 folks going to the town center will be exempt, in 2020 the ski lodge folks will Be exempt and finally before you know it the only restricted and becoming an inconvenience will be only the property owners stoping taking 20 extra minutes to get home.

9,Let’s wake up folks and face the hard realty as to what our identy is Andrew go from there,

10. Best in luck but in the end nothing will change! More of the same with a lot more spending.

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Bloc votes–

In the past we have been asked to comment on the bloc vote. When we received correspondence from a reader regarding what appears to be favoritism we decided to do a little piece. Here goes.

Bloc Vote

When we were asked to do an editorial on the bloc vote we assumed that she was talking about the Crown bloc vote. Actually there is more than one Bloc vote here in Treasure Lake. You have the Sportsman’s Club, Ladies of the Lake, Treasure Lake Interdenominational Church, Cayman Campers Club and Crown Resorts.

All these groups have what can be called special interests and when their members vote in unison or bloc they can sway if not outright control the outcome of our election. With this in mind we have to come to grips with what could possibly be the biggest “bloc” vote in Treasure Lake. The Treasure Lake Interdenominational Church, a Pennsylvania Corporation, headquartered here in Treasure Lake with a very capable Lead Pastor who also is the vice president of our POA board.

Another reader sent in the following regarding favoritism;

“It appears as though the board intends to proceed with the installation of a new gate system. Property owners will have an “EZPASS” type transmitter device that will allow them to enter. Non property owners will have to check in at the new Taj Mahal guard shack and be verified. This is a great concept if we want to truly be a “gated” community. But wait… some non-property owners will not have to check in??? Yes, the Treasure Lake Church, which director Dick Whitaker is affiliated with, will be issued special tags so that their non-property owner parishioners may come and go as they please. Keep in mind that the church IS NOT a POA amenity, it is a private business. So we ask why director Whitaker and the other board members feel that church “guests” should be treated any differently? What about the guests for the YMCA or the hair salon? Shouldn’t they be afforded the same courtesy? How about regulars at our restaurants and golf courses, at least their contributions benefit the POA, not a private business. Say what you will, but the cold hard truth is that the church generates ZERO revenue for the POA and again, it is NOT a POA amenity! At least the other businesses such as the YMCA pay rent to the POA!”

It is this blogs opinion that Pastor Whitaker should resign from the board to avoid any calls of impropriety and keep the Treasure Lake Interdenominational Church growing. He should do what he does best (leading a vibrant growing church which plays a very  important part in Treasure Lake) and leave the politics to the rest.

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Max, a Blog reader comments

I went to this web site:

What Happens When a Homeowners Association Goes Bankrupt

and if I understand reading this, if we do go bankrupt, it says “Due to these reasons, property owners may lobby to lay criminal charges against the HOA for financial mismanagement.” and also states “property owners may lobby to lay criminal charges against the HOA for financial mismanagement.”
Information taken from the above web site.

We the people of Treasure Lake who live here are mostly working or retired people. We are well educated people and are not blind.
We need a outside auditor to come in and audit our financial situation. No one associated with Treasure Lake or TLPO should be involved.

Treasure Lake has become the talk of the surrounding area and this needs to stop
I love it here and want to continue living here and want Treasure Lake to prosper and become the best it can be.
The people of Treasure Lake have a voice, Their Own! Make it heard.

John E. DuBois Jr. created Lake Rene and the surrounding are for us.

If we need to start over, lets do it and become the best we can be.

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Breaking news

Mike Yoha and Chris Miller have resigned from the board.

Treasure Lake property owners have just lost the last two remaining directors who have consistently demanded accountability from management; two directors who were not afraid to ask the tough questions of management; two directors who always had the best interest of all property owners at heart.

We wish Mr. Yoha and Mr. Miller nothing but the best and we will miss them.


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Notes of board work session

At this evening’s board work session Mr. Mike Yoha, a board member and past treasurer who is known for his integrity and love for Treasure Lake asked some tough questions regarding TL finances. An audience member along with board member Larry Salone immediately confronted Mr. Yoha in what appeared to be an orchestrated Q and A format. It should be noted that Mr. Salone is the treasurer of the board.

General manager Shirley Elmore made a comment (paraphrasing here because we couldn’t write fast enough) that only 7 property owners try and listen to the audio broadcast of the meetings and that she wants to discontinue it. We have to ask how many property owners know about the broadcast? We know of a couple of property owners that have had problems with the sub-par or no-par quality of the broadcasts, they jokingly said that the system was designed to fail. They may be right. Didn’t we have problems with the AC unit at the Lodge which failed at critical times, the shower stalls at the new Cayman bath houses not draining properly which caused flooding on the interior floors and isn’t the Taj Mahal “guard shack” already over budget?

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Trust but verify

Item H of this evening’s work session is titled “Approval Needed for Independent 3rd Party To Tally Votes of 2018 Board Election”.

It is our opinion that, in the best interest of the property owners, the board take this one step further and appoint a committee to verify the vote tally as submitted by the third party.

We are not saying that there is anything wrong with whoever the third party may be but we like what President Reagan once said, “trust but verify”. And with the way things have been going the last couple of years with questionable purchases (AC unit for Lodge) and cost projection over runs (Guard Shack), verification just makes sense.

We are confident that whoever the third party is, they would welcome verification of their work.

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Interesting comment from Rose–Submitted 12/14/17

It seems Big Brother is alive and well at TL. Thank you to the director(s) who act(s) as the conscience of a Board that at times seems to have none. The Board must remember that TL is not your “kingdom” and the property owners are not your cash cow. You were voted in to serve the best interests of property owners/community, which means setting aside self-interests. Start addressing the real problems TL is facing instead of focusing on how to silence one director with whom you do not agree. Your actions only bring more attention to it. It also makes the Board as a whole look petty and foolish in my opinion.

To “Are You Kidding Me” – you hit the nail on the head when you said “in the real world.” The Board has proven that TL is not the real world as they go about ignoring corporate guidelines in place and PA law. And as far as “review and response” to minutes, my experience is that this Board responds to nothing, sending a boiler plate letter and never quite answering direct questions. It has been for me a total waste of time.

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We have addressed some of the changes that certain board members want to make to policy A46, the board members pledge of commitment, but we did not discuss a change that on the surface looks benign but in reality is draconian.  While the change was introduced by board president George Cobert, we believe it was being driven and written by management.

Fact:  Previously, Sept. 9, 2009 the board established sanctions for any violation of the Pledge of Commitment.

Now,  the board president and several board members want to change two of the six methods pertaining to the imposition of sanctions for violations.

These are copied from the existing policy:

“3.  The third violation of the signed pledge as determined by unanimous vote of the board members not in question shall result in a signed request from all of the serving Board members that said Board member resign from the Board of Directors effective immediately.”

Now, board president Cobert along with several other board members want to change  “UNANIMOUS” TO READ “MAJORITY “AND “ALL” TO READ “MAJORITY”!

“4.  Failing voluntary resignation, the Board shall then decide if Court action is necessary and in keeping with Bylaw Section 5.6 (Removal from office).”

These board members, led by president Cobert, want to revise #4 to change  THE  BOARD TO MAJORITY OF THE BOARD!

What is wrong with their proposal?

These board members have no shame and we point out that other articles in our bylaws, such as conflict of interest, require a two-thirds vote. We believe something as serious as removal of a board member must not be allowed to proceed based on the whim of a simple majority vote. Doing so, at the very least, does not conform to Roberts Rules of Order that refers to holding a vote that protects the minority and it also attempts to undo the lawful election of a board member, elected by the Property Owners of Treasure Lake.

We urge that you communicate to the board of directors your opposition to this flagrant attempt to intimidate the voice of the minority into silence by threat of removal.

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Another thought provoking comment from a reader of this blog. Thank you.

It certainly feels as though Treasure Lake has been under a “Hostile Takeover” for quite some time now.
The previous Board regularly violated TL Bylaws, the extend of which is still unknown.
Since those violations became public because of outspoken individuals on Social Media, this Board is now attempting to silence them, as well as remove any possible interference from within by nullifying their votes.
The change of policy from Unanimous, to Majority basically allows controlling members of the Board to abuse the Democratic System outlined by the founders of the TLPOA to further their agenda without any obstructions.
They will propose, and vote in closed sessions to make any changes to TL Bylaws, and Policy that they wish without anyone able to stop them, or voice their opinions publicly.
This cannot be allowed to happen, please speak up and let The Board know that we will not allow them to turn our system into a dictatorship!

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A thought provoking comment from a reader of this blog.

In reply to Chris.
I have been wondering about the legalities of Sub-Contracting out our Management to OMNI.
We already know that the contract was awarded to OMNI in violation of TL By-Laws, but was the hiring of a Management Company also a Violation?
Could it be that Shirley Elmore is paid by TL instead of OMNI just so TL can show on paper that they have a GM on Salary?
It certainly looks like they are trying to use a loop hole to circumvent the legalities of hiring a Management Firm

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