editor1 on June 28, 2016

The Fourth of July fireworks will be held Saturday at dusk at the Lakeview Lodge.

For more holiday activities, check out the TLPOA website.

It is good to see the website was finally updated!


editor1 on June 26, 2016

The TLPOA Board of Directors will hold its final meeting of the board year at 6 p.m. Monday at the Lakeview Lodge.

editor1 on June 25, 2016

The North Point Fire Company (Treasure Lake Fire Company and Sabula Fire Company combined) will be holding its annual golf scramble July 9 at the Kenterra Golf Course.

We have two golf courses right here in Treasure Lake. Why not hold the event here?

editor1 on June 24, 2016

We have learned that the topic of signs was discussed again this week at the TLPOA meeting.

The subject of new signs has been discussed again and  again.

How difficult can this be?

Why can’t the board have management bring several types of signs and prices and just vote on which one they want?

The sign saga has been dragging on and on for years….let’s bring it to an end.

editor1 on June 23, 2016

We have learned that the subject of notifying property owners of policy changes was discussed at the TLPOA worksession this week.

Director Joe Krill brought up the subject saying that property owners should be notified of policy changes by Omni/management. He said 48 policies were changed this year.

Management said there would be over 308 pages to print these out and it would cost over $420,000 to mail this to over 7,000 property owners.

TLPOA Board President Steve Tuller said that Omni would not be responsible for the cost and that the TLPOA would have to pay for this.

He suggested mailing an index of all the policies each year with the meeting notice for the annual general meeting.

The index could be used to show new policies or policies that were revised and if property owners were interested they could review the policy on the TLPOA website or contact the TLPOA office to obtain a copy.

editor1 on June 22, 2016

One of the major problems at Treasure Lake is the lake.

The lake and coves need dredging. This has been an on going problem and continues with no end in sight.

We have a suggestion. Form a committee (we have committees for every other reason under the sun) and have them work with management to find a solution.

It can’t hurt…at this point we are only treading water.

editor1 on June 21, 2016

Property owners are reminded the election for the TLPOA Board of Directors is nearing an end.

Complete your ballot and mail it before the deadline.

There are 4 names on the ballot – You may vote for up to 3. Vote for 4 and your ballot will not be counted.

editor1 on June 20, 2016

The TLPOA will hold its last work session of the board year tonight (Monday, June 20) at 6 p.m. at the Lakeview Lodge.

editor1 on June 19, 2016

The TLPOA maintenance department is painting the old fence in front of the old POA building.

To put it nicely this fence has seen better days.

This project is a waste of maintenance department manpower and paint.

The fence should be removed, not painted, and the old POA building needs to be demolished, it’s an eyesore.

editor1 on June 18, 2016

It is nice to be able to come and go without dodging the panhandlers at the front and back gates.

We remember every holiday we had people, both young and old collecting with cans at the busy entrance and exit.

This was dangerous and we are happy that this practice was stopped.

Not only that, the panhandling did nothing to make our community a place to visit.

editor1 on June 17, 2016

June is over half over and the TLPOA website has not been updated.

The website is still advertising the Mother’s Day Buffet….. Sunday is Father’s Day.

Are we celebrating Father’s Day?

editor1 on June 16, 2016

The TLPOA has sent out an eblast stating that the Lakeview Lodge will be closed to property owners Thursday and Saturday for private parties. It will be open Friday.

However, Duffers will be open the days that the Lakeview Lodge will be closed and Duffers will also be open Friday.

editor1 on June 14, 2016

We have a proposal…. To contribute to our security operation the board of directors should write to Sandy Township requesting the township police patrol Treasure Lake and help enforce the vehicle and traffic code.

While this may cost Treasure Lake money for citations that would normally go to our treasury, it would also help our security effort by having a second road patrol.

editor1 on June 13, 2016

We want to warn property owners about trespassing.

Signs have been posted around the golf courses that say “No Trespassing. Golfers Only.”

We understand the need to be careful when golfers are on the course, however, trespassing is not the right word to use when referring to the property owners who own the golf course and pays the bills.

We recall these signs being placed some years ago and the board ordered their removal after numerous complaints from property owners.