editor1 on October 24, 2014

A TLPOA director is trying to help slow down traffic in the community.

At a previous TLPOA meeting, director Joe Krill discussed placing stop signs on Bay Road to slow speeding vehicles and presented petitions from property owners supporting this initiative.

At Monday’s meeting, Krill recognized that the Safety and Security Committee conveyed their opinion that stop signs should not be used as speed controls and they pointed out that this is also supported by both the Federal Highway Administration and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Krill presented his detailed disagreement with the committee’s conclusions.

Several directors also voiced their agreement with the committee.

Krill said he will proceed with a motion at Monday’s meeting to purchase and install two stop signs and two warning signs. He said the cost for the signs would be less than $500.

editor1 on October 23, 2014

It was disappointing to learn that once again, like the prior year, there were Halloween trunk or treat problems.

Turning children away is unacceptable!

How can anyone explain to a three-year old that they were not registered to participate?

Why not plan ahead and spend a couple of dollars more for extra bags of  candy for unregistered children when we throw away thousands of dollars for  adult  fun and games.

We also heard that the event could have been better organized.

Is it time for someone else to handle this event?

Maybe it is time for the recreation committee to take charge.

editor1 on October 22, 2014

Treasurelaketalk asked former Director Wayne Marhelski his opinion on issues involving Treasure Lake.

TLT: Having lived in Treasure Lake would you recommend it as a lifestyle to treasure?

Marhelski: There are a lot of good people in Treasure Lake. We enjoyed the area while we lived there, but the main problem is there are still people who envision it as something it isn’t.

It has basically evolved into a bedroom community and yet is still burdened with aspects that most really don’t care about.

When you look at the number of families with children in the lake, they most likely work outside the lake, their children go to school outside of  the lake, and the activities they are likely involved in such as sports or other activities are outside the lake.

The argument for the people that want to maintain the status is always, “but the amenities have always been here.”

Never mind that many of these same people, especially the board, were also in favor of becoming a borough and breaking free of Sandy Township.

It only takes one word to describe them, hypocrite.

editor1 on October 21, 2014

We enjoyed reading the interview feature that appeared in the newspaper recently.

The reporter interviewed general manager Shirley Elmore and it was an interesting story.

There was also a nice photo of the TLPOA office staff.

We commend the newspaper and Shirley — nice job!

editor1 on October 20, 2014

The TLPOA has launched a new form of advertising. Property owners received an eblast with a video of Lori Corcoran (Events and Recreation Director)  announcing a number of forthcoming events.

We believe sending out eblasts would also be a great way to let property owners know when meetings are being held and include the agenda.

What do you think?

TLTAdmin on October 18, 2014

Treasurelaketalk forwarded copies of the financial reports we are seeing from Omni to former Director Wayne Marhelski to get his take on them. This is part of what we received back:

Marhelski: Right from the very start, there is a problem. The numbers as they are being presented do not align with the budget that was presented to the property owners and passed by the board earlier this year. I’ll get into some specifics in a bit, but there were fundamental changes to items in cost centers that were never fully approved by the board. Ask yourselves this, “Was there ever a vote reported to accept the new structure?” There wasn’t one when I was one the board. All I ever heard from Omni, was that Dan Flanders was working on the format with them.

A prime case in point is looking at the breakout of the Lake View Lodge and the “Community Center”. When the budget was passed, there was no “Community Center” cost center. So how did it end up with a budget for expenses? Again, where was the board vote directing that action?

You also have to take a calculator with you and do the math yourself to see the performance of each cost center. The format of the old Favorable/Unfavorable report allowed property owners to immediately see the performance of a cost center or amenity. Why make it so hard for the property owners to see how everything is performing. It’s inexcusable. Even more troubling, is that you can’t see the performance of an amenity over the prior year.

As for making changes to cost centers and the budget that was passed, ask yourself how a restaurant operates without any power, water, natural gas or pest control; just to name a few. It can’t, that’s why Duffers and the 19th hole have these items as expenses. But that’s exactly what they’ve done. Strip out necessary operating expenses and put them into a new and unapproved cost center. Probably while proclaiming how well the restaurants are running.

You’ll also find that there isn’t any interest expense from loans being charged to cost centers either. I guess the plan is to just bury it into the general administration fund so it isn’t apparent if they take on more debt.

The by-laws also state that at any cost center which exceeds budget by 3% needs to be reported to the board of directors for approval. Well, when you change the budget that was approved, that becomes a little hard to do. Of course, there are a few on the board that don’t care either way and prefer to ignore those items they don’t agree with.

 Treasure Lake Talk has additional information to provide on this and other topics in the near future.

editor1 on October 17, 2014

We have learned that the archery range has been renovated.

The work was done by a group of volunteers and did not take long.

This goes to show what can be done with volunteers and at very little cost to the TLPOA.

This will be a good addition for Treasure Lake and we hope it is not vandalized!

To all those involved we say good job and thanks!


editor1 on October 16, 2014

Imagine watching the Pittsburgh Pirates play the New York Mets.

When the Mets are at bat they gets four strikes before they are out while the Pirates get three strikes. Then to make matters worse, the Mets get four
outs in an inning while the Pirates only get three.

Not fair. You are right!

That is what happened in the recent board election to fill a vacant director’s seat.

Three of the candidates followed the set requirements. Three of the candidates were interviewed as required — one was not.

The candidate who was not interviewed (Chuck Bly) was not disqualified but was voted on the same as the other three candidates.

What would have happened if one of the other three candidates — Steve Tuller, Toni Moulthrop and Alan Moore did not show up for their interview?

We bet that they would have been disqualified.

It is also intriguing that the same three candidates had their statements on the TLPOA website (for a brief time) and Bly did not.

It appears that one candidate was treated differently than the other three candidates.

Were all the candidates treated the same?

Not from our viewpoint.

editor1 on October 15, 2014

Do we have any speed readers out there?

It appears you have to be a speed reader if you wanted to read the candidates statements that were placed on the TLPOA website and then quickly removed.

Property owners wanted to read the statements and Treasurelaketalk invited the four candidates to submit their statements and we would post them on this site.

Two candidates — Toni Moulthrop and Steve Tuller sent their statements to us — Alan Moore and Chuck Bly did not.

The TLPOA finally posted statements from Steve Tuller, Toni Moulthrop and  Alan Moore — once again nothing from Chuck Bly.

Then before you could say “look at this” the TLPOA took the statements off their website!

We wonder why the effort to withhold the candidate statements from property owners.

If three (Moulthrop, Tuller, Moore) were posted and then withdrawn we can only conclude that Bly’s was so bad that it was an embarrassment to the two board members that voted to have him fill the vacant board seat!

It’s time for the board to do the right thing and post all of the candidate statements.

editor1 on October 14, 2014

According to information in the Treasure Chest, all boats must be out of the docks at the marina by Oct. 31.

If anyone has any questions they should contact Lori Corcoran through the POA office at 371-0711.