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I went to this web site:

What Happens When a Homeowners Association Goes Bankrupt

and if I understand reading this, if we do go bankrupt, it says “Due to these reasons, property owners may lobby to lay criminal charges against the HOA for financial mismanagement.” and also states “property owners may lobby to lay criminal charges against the HOA for financial mismanagement.”
Information taken from the above web site.

We the people of Treasure Lake who live here are mostly working or retired people. We are well educated people and are not blind.
We need a outside auditor to come in and audit our financial situation. No one associated with Treasure Lake or TLPO should be involved.

Treasure Lake has become the talk of the surrounding area and this needs to stop
I love it here and want to continue living here and want Treasure Lake to prosper and become the best it can be.
The people of Treasure Lake have a voice, Their Own! Make it heard.

John E. DuBois Jr. created Lake Rene and the surrounding are for us.

If we need to start over, lets do it and become the best we can be.

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Breaking news

Mike Yoha and Chris Miller have resigned from the board.

Treasure Lake property owners have just lost the last two remaining directors who have consistently demanded accountability from management; two directors who were not afraid to ask the tough questions of management; two directors who always had the best interest of all property owners at heart.

We wish Mr. Yoha and Mr. Miller nothing but the best and we will miss them.


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Notes of board work session

At this evening’s board work session Mr. Mike Yoha, a board member and past treasurer who is known for his integrity and love for Treasure Lake asked some tough questions regarding TL finances. An audience member along with board member Larry Salone immediately confronted Mr. Yoha in what appeared to be an orchestrated Q and A format. It should be noted that Mr. Salone is the treasurer of the board.

General manager Shirley Elmore made a comment (paraphrasing here because we couldn’t write fast enough) that only 7 property owners try and listen to the audio broadcast of the meetings and that she wants to discontinue it. We have to ask how many property owners know about the broadcast? We know of a couple of property owners that have had problems with the sub-par or no-par quality of the broadcasts, they jokingly said that the system was designed to fail. They may be right. Didn’t we have problems with the AC unit at the Lodge which failed at critical times, the shower stalls at the new Cayman bath houses not draining properly which caused flooding on the interior floors and isn’t the Taj Mahal “guard shack” already over budget?

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Trust but verify

Item H of this evening’s work session is titled “Approval Needed for Independent 3rd Party To Tally Votes of 2018 Board Election”.

It is our opinion that, in the best interest of the property owners, the board take this one step further and appoint a committee to verify the vote tally as submitted by the third party.

We are not saying that there is anything wrong with whoever the third party may be but we like what President Reagan once said, “trust but verify”. And with the way things have been going the last couple of years with questionable purchases (AC unit for Lodge) and cost projection over runs (Guard Shack), verification just makes sense.

We are confident that whoever the third party is, they would welcome verification of their work.

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Interesting comment from Rose–Submitted 12/14/17

It seems Big Brother is alive and well at TL. Thank you to the director(s) who act(s) as the conscience of a Board that at times seems to have none. The Board must remember that TL is not your “kingdom” and the property owners are not your cash cow. You were voted in to serve the best interests of property owners/community, which means setting aside self-interests. Start addressing the real problems TL is facing instead of focusing on how to silence one director with whom you do not agree. Your actions only bring more attention to it. It also makes the Board as a whole look petty and foolish in my opinion.

To “Are You Kidding Me” – you hit the nail on the head when you said “in the real world.” The Board has proven that TL is not the real world as they go about ignoring corporate guidelines in place and PA law. And as far as “review and response” to minutes, my experience is that this Board responds to nothing, sending a boiler plate letter and never quite answering direct questions. It has been for me a total waste of time.

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We have addressed some of the changes that certain board members want to make to policy A46, the board members pledge of commitment, but we did not discuss a change that on the surface looks benign but in reality is draconian.  While the change was introduced by board president George Cobert, we believe it was being driven and written by management.

Fact:  Previously, Sept. 9, 2009 the board established sanctions for any violation of the Pledge of Commitment.

Now,  the board president and several board members want to change two of the six methods pertaining to the imposition of sanctions for violations.

These are copied from the existing policy:

“3.  The third violation of the signed pledge as determined by unanimous vote of the board members not in question shall result in a signed request from all of the serving Board members that said Board member resign from the Board of Directors effective immediately.”

Now, board president Cobert along with several other board members want to change  “UNANIMOUS” TO READ “MAJORITY “AND “ALL” TO READ “MAJORITY”!

“4.  Failing voluntary resignation, the Board shall then decide if Court action is necessary and in keeping with Bylaw Section 5.6 (Removal from office).”

These board members, led by president Cobert, want to revise #4 to change  THE  BOARD TO MAJORITY OF THE BOARD!

What is wrong with their proposal?

These board members have no shame and we point out that other articles in our bylaws, such as conflict of interest, require a two-thirds vote. We believe something as serious as removal of a board member must not be allowed to proceed based on the whim of a simple majority vote. Doing so, at the very least, does not conform to Roberts Rules of Order that refers to holding a vote that protects the minority and it also attempts to undo the lawful election of a board member, elected by the Property Owners of Treasure Lake.

We urge that you communicate to the board of directors your opposition to this flagrant attempt to intimidate the voice of the minority into silence by threat of removal.

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Another thought provoking comment from a reader of this blog. Thank you.

It certainly feels as though Treasure Lake has been under a “Hostile Takeover” for quite some time now.
The previous Board regularly violated TL Bylaws, the extend of which is still unknown.
Since those violations became public because of outspoken individuals on Social Media, this Board is now attempting to silence them, as well as remove any possible interference from within by nullifying their votes.
The change of policy from Unanimous, to Majority basically allows controlling members of the Board to abuse the Democratic System outlined by the founders of the TLPOA to further their agenda without any obstructions.
They will propose, and vote in closed sessions to make any changes to TL Bylaws, and Policy that they wish without anyone able to stop them, or voice their opinions publicly.
This cannot be allowed to happen, please speak up and let The Board know that we will not allow them to turn our system into a dictatorship!

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A thought provoking comment from a reader of this blog.

In reply to Chris.
I have been wondering about the legalities of Sub-Contracting out our Management to OMNI.
We already know that the contract was awarded to OMNI in violation of TL By-Laws, but was the hiring of a Management Company also a Violation?
Could it be that Shirley Elmore is paid by TL instead of OMNI just so TL can show on paper that they have a GM on Salary?
It certainly looks like they are trying to use a loop hole to circumvent the legalities of hiring a Management Firm

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The board of directors has posted a proposed revision to the Board of Directors pledge.
The proposed revision reads as such;

13. Will not utilize any type of media, including all forms of social media, in support of anyone making negative comments about the TLPOA or its representatives or staff. I will also not promote personal opinions in such media which characterizes the actions of the TLPOA, its representatives or staff in a negative manner, nor make any unsubstantiated claims or predictions which cast a negative light on the association, its representatives or staff.

14. Will not promote any idea or suggestion meant to violate any governing document relative to the TLPOA.

The post date on the TLPOA website is December 26, 2017 and says that the proposed policy change must be posted for 21 days for public review and comment. According to the post, all comments must be received in writing by the close of business on April 17, 2018. You read that correctly, April 17, 2018. We believe that this date is an error as 21 days from the official post on the TLPOA website is January 15, 2018. Error aside, we at TLT feel that it is imperative that all readers of this blog voice their opinion to the board immediately  on this proposed revision.

Please send your comments ASAP to:

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By their own words Part 9

Our ninth director whose quotes we would like to look at is Mr.Steve Tuller.


“I am committed to assuring that the board of directors operates as a professional governing body.”  

During Steve’s tenure as board president he did just that.  Board meetings were run professionally and everyone had an opportunity to voice their concerns.  He treated us property owners in attendance with the utmost respect and many times gave us more than one chance to comment. Today’s board meetings pale in comparison to Tuller’s professional manner of conducting a meeting. Mr. Cobert and Mr. Whitaker should take a lesson from him.

“When it comes to your money, I am a fiscal conservative.”   Steve then goes on to say, “ Ensure the Lakeview Lodge, Cayman Cabins, and golf courses are operated as viable revenue generators with business plans to measure success forecast by management.”  

We are wondering what Steve had in mind when he wrote these words.  Most people know that he is a strong proponent of the amenities and he is also a strong proponent of replacing the front gate guard shack and installing a automated gate system. In our opinion this does not come close to being a fiscal conservative.

There is probably no one who knows more about Treasure Lake than Steve; management and board included.  With that in mind we have to ask, what happened?

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By their own words Part 8

Our eighth director whose quotes we would like to look at is Mr.Larry Salone.

Part of Mr. Salone’s candidate statement is as follows:

“Continue to work on Treasure Lake water issues.”

We are not aware of Mr. Salone working on any water issues nor any involvement on his part with Aqua’s commitment to spending vast sums of money (millions upon millions of dollars) to upgrade the antiquated water system they bought.

“Amenities and in particular food and beverage are ongoing issues at Treasure Lake and I would work to assess the changing times of the facilities and the changing demands of restaurant and bar patrons.”

Mr. Salone has extensive background and contacts in the food and beverage industry which could be a plus.

“We need to focus real discussions on long term sustainability and vision for Treasure Lake. Assessments are high, but we have a beautiful community.”

Yes, assessments are high and we understand that they are going to get a lot higher thanks to insight given us by Mr. Singer. We wonder how Mr. Salone will vote on the upcoming budget. We can never forget Mr. Cobert’s statement, “Every time the assessment goes up, our property values go down.”

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By their own words Part 7

Our seventh director whose quotes we would like to look at is Mrs. Toni Clark-Moulthrop.

Part of Mrs. Moulthrop’s candidate statement is as follows:

“I have been involved in decisions made that will impact this community for many years. I was a negotiator in the current contract with Omni, and it will save $ 30,000 in the coming year. In my 30-year career with the federal government, I worked more than twenty years in the field of purchasing and contracting. I supervised the purchasing and contracting departments of three federal prisons, overseeing the budgeting and expenditure of funds in excess of $90 million dollars per year for things such as food, construction, utilities, maintenance projects. I understand the requirements and costs of operating a community such as Treasure Lake.”

We have no idea as to whether or not Mrs. Moulthrop had assistance in her negotiations with Omni but we do have a few concerns.

Mrs. Moulthrop states that the new contract will save $30,000 in the coming year. She doesn’t say who will save the money or how she arrived at this number? When we examined the documents that were posted originally on the TLPOA website regarding this contract and added all things up regarding who pays for what, etc., we came away with the impression that when salaries of key personnel of Omni added in, the TLPOA is paying more than last year. We examined past quotes from directors that are available on the TLPOA website and can’t find any mention of this contract ever being examined or approved by the TLPOA attorneys and we all know that we pay a lot more money for legal opinions than we should.

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By their own words Part 6

Our sixth director whose quotes we would like to look at is Mr.Mike Yoha.

Part of Mr. Yoha’s candidate statement is as follows;

“My plan is to hold each manager accountable for his/her amenity (department) and not have the board of directors managing. If the Lake View Lodge or Golf course is not making budget, it is the managers responsibility to design and implement a corrective action plan to get on budget. As stated in the pledge of commitment, I will refrain from interfering with those responsibilities specifically delegated to the general manager except to monitor and hold the general manager accountable for carrying out TLPOA policy. It is each manager’s responsibility to manage their amenity within the budget. It is the board members’ job to insure that they do. Raising assessment dollars to pay for underperforming amenities is not the solution. each amenity needs to be self-sufficient and profitable.”

Anyone who attends either a work session or a board meeting will tell you that Mike is on top of our finances and always asks the tough questions of management. Unfortunately, management’s response is usually something like this: I’m sorry Miiike, I don’t have that information but I will get you the answer as soon as possible. Many of us have wondered if he ever gets his answers.

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