An Editorial by Mr. Chris Miller

Messages: Misrepresentation of Information

The definition of Misrepresentation as taken from Black’s Law Dictionary:
“Any manifestation by words or other conduct by one person to another that, under the circumstances, amounts to an assertion not in accordance with the facts. An untrue statement of fact. An incorrect or false representation. That which, if accepted, leads the mind to an apprehension of a condition other and different from that which exists. Colloquially it is understood to mean a statement made to deceive or mislead.

In a limited sense, an intentional false statement respecting a matter of fact, made by one of the parties to a contract, which is material to the contract and
influential in producing it. A ‘misrepresentation,’ which justifies the rescission of a contract, is a false statement of a substantive fact, or any conduct which leads to a belief of a substantive fact material to proper understanding of the matter in hand, made with intent to deceive or mislead.”

It is my opinion that many of the statements made by our board of directors appear to meet the above definition.

The latest example was Mr. Singer’s declaration at a property owners meeting that the POA is, “in good financial shape.” If one were to listen to the numbers
presented at our meeting by the board and Omni Management that statement would appear to be true. We routinely hear management and the board refer to “budget” when reporting our numbers. Mr. Salone along with a property owner even appeared to orchestrate a challenge Q&A session to distract a board member (Mr. Yoha) and the audience from the financial reality that is facing the POA. Mr. Yoha was known for asking tough questions pertaining to our finances. Why does our board appear to  intentionally want to deceive the property owners by not reporting (concealing) the actual numbers.
The fact is that we are not in “good financial shape.” Reporting how the POA is doing to budget is an insult to the intelligence of the property owners and quite frankly, makes the members of our board and Omni Manage appear very incompetent.

What would be even more disturbing is the possibility that they have convinced themselves and now believe their own deceit!

Here are the facts as I see them through the actual numbers based on the TLPOA Balance Sheet of 12/31/2017

Deferred projects – $5.75 million
Lake Dredging – $3-5 million
Cayman upgrade to include KOA project – $2 million—this should include meeting ADA requirements.
Ski Lodge repairs – $300,000—Don’t know if this includes meeting ADA requirements.
LVL AC replacement – $250,000
Storm Water Management – $1 million (conservative estimate)
Total – $11,300,000 – $13,300,000 in deferred projects that cannot be ignored! That is $2,628 – $3,093 per lot!
Now, here is where we are financially through December 31, 2017:
We have approximately 3 million left to pay on the 5 million dollar loan from the bank. This loan costs the POA roughly $255,000 per year in interest ($60.00 out of every paying assessment).
Through 12/31/17, Actual YTD income is negative – ($46,378.62)
Through 12/31/17, Our reserve account is also negative – ($366,691.79)
I asked the board and management to clarify Mr. Singer’s financial stability
statement based on these numbers. The response from our General Manager was once again a comparison to budget. Ms. Mouthrop said I was only focusing on certain cost centers in her response. When I pointed out that it was an overall report, not by cost center, she said, “I’m done with this”. The response did not address my concerns.
Remember, we have ongoing maintenance costs that are constantly going up.
Some will immediately call this post negative; I would challenge them to find a way to present this information in a more positive form!

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New Managers

As many of our readers know, Treasure Lake has a new director of golf operations, Logan Depto. Logan has worked here for several years and he knows what is needed to make our golf courses successful. We wish him the very best and think it is good that management kept this in house.

Treasure Lake also has a new campground manager, Kurt Thomas. Kurt has big shoes to fill, as our past manager Bob was very well liked by campers. We were sorry to see Bob go.

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A Comment by Michael Cook and Our Response

Oh MY!!!!, PLEASE post what Mark wrote to satisfy our enquirering minds; or re-write it in G rated format, or the last option and at the very least, give us a little more information. I’m assuming it must be a personal attack on someone, or about TLT.
I read and contribute to many blogs. The best ones are the ones that are uncensored therefore letting contributors and readers make up their individuals minds no matter how popular or unpopular the post may be. This is why I also watch NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and Fox News, they’re all fair and balance, we report and you decide…..tongue and cheek. Lol. If you want really care about national news, you’ll get it from PBS…maybe….but if you want the best local news, it is by far Treasure Lake Talk! Lol
Please tell me there’s another blog that is opposite of TLT? I’m surprised that the TLPOA doesn’t have one to counter the posts from here.

Michael, You say “Please tell me there’s another blog that is opposite of TLT? I’m surprised that the TLPOA doesn’t have one to counter the posts from here.”. Michael, we think it would be a good idea if you start one. If you have time to watch NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and Fox you most certainly have time to run a blog. We hear that Facebook is very active so maybe you should try them. You have all the opportunity to counter anything this blog posts. We welcome all comments but we do censor gossip about individual’s private lives, outright lies, false and defamatory statements and vulgarity. If a comment needs special attention we’ll run it as the day’s editorial. If we ever make a mistake we expect the mistake to be brought to our attention and if verified, we will issue a retraction and apology. In other words, we have no intention of being like the mainstream news organizations you watch. We are not trying to slant anything, we are trying to inform our fellow property owners of happenings within our community because every one of them has a stake in our Property Owners Association.

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Here we go again.

At last evening’s work session the board agreed to vote on obtaining bids for replacement of the Lakeview Lodge HVAC. Prior to this General Manager Shirley Elmore, who was new to the job, made her first big mistake at the lake which ended up costing tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of finger pointing.  As many recall Shirley brought to the board a very old proposal for an AC unit from a company that as it turned out was having financial troubles.  Remember, per the terms of our contract Omni was supposed to provide an experienced manager.

It’s one thing to bring a proposal, it’s another to bring approved bids which have been requested by the board. The board, under the leadership of Chris Corcoran, took Elmore’s professional opinion and purchased the unit.  The cost was tens of thousands over the amount allowed by our bylaws which deal with exceeding capital budget.  Remember: This wasn’t bid!

Bylaw Exceeding Capital Budget.  Any expenditure over five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) must first be subject to the bidding process as prescribed by the board of directors in the finance and/or administrative policies/guidelines.

The unit has never worked properly and has cost the assessment paying property owners (you) tens of thousands more just to repair and maintain it. Maybe we should be asking Omni to help us pay for this new unit or maybe we can just cross our fingers and hope we get it right this time!

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A reader named Mark makes a comment and we respond

From Mark?

Lol hey editor is refusing to post comments again.. just as biased and bad as the board is.. no wonder ppl in community and outside of t.l have a negative opinion about this site

Our response

Mark, We tried to contact you using the email address you provided but our email to you bounced. You sent a few comments which we felt were disingenuous and not well thought out and yes, we did delete them. We provide information regarding Treasure Lake and opinions from those concerned about Treasure Lake. Based on your comments, this site has provided you with much to think about. Whatever conclusions you draw are yours to enjoy. As an aside, we have received very positive feedback about this site from many people here in Treasure Lake as well as many property owners who do not reside here.

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Who’s Minding the Guardhouse?

As some of our readers know, the back exit gate is broken. It has been broken for awhile now. Yes, the back exit gate with the vacant guardhouse. Why is this exit lane which can also be used as an entrance lane not being secured. Are we not spending umpteen thousands of dollars to upgrade our entrance by purchasing a new gate system all the while leaving the rear wide open. Can’t you just see all the finger pointing if something happens. Who’s managing this place anyway? Moe, Curley or Larry?

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Requesting Candidates For Board Member Vacancy

The TLPOA Board of Directors is requesting interested candidates to fill the vacant seat (we understand that there are two vacant seats) for the remainder of the 2018 term which will end at the TLPOA Annual Meeting to be held in July 2018.
If you’re an interested property owner that is in good standing you may pick up a Board Member Packet at the POA office. Telephone number for information is 814-371-0711 ext. 100

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To Our Readers

Our goal is to provide accurate and timely information that is helpful to the property owners of Treasure Lake. Knowledge is power.

We appreciate input from our readers and enjoy publishing some people’s letters, knowing they have gone to great lengths to compose them. We also find it necessary to delete some comments due to inaccuracies or inflammatory statements. Some statements are edited to remove vulgar language. All requests for confidentiality are honored.

If you wish to submit a comment that isn’t in direct response to something that has been posted, you may do so by scrolling to the bottom of the page and entering your information and submitting it to us.

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A Reader’s (Linda) Comments–Yes, We enjoy posting interesting comments we receive from readers.

Dear TLT. I have been following your blog for some time now but have never felt the urge to comment. That changed when I read an article regarding Oligarchs. I got to thinking that Treasure Lake is nothing more than a microcosm of the problems we see in the government. You have talked about the bloc vote, you have talked about special interests and you have talked about unaccountability. Many people write and opine their thoughts and often make suggestions. Many people write under a pseudonym, as am I. I am concerned that we have squandered so much money over the years on classical personal pet projects at the expense of the many that there’s no turning back. I am concerned that our assessments are going to keep going up in effect mirroring all of government taxing systems. I can only remember one time when they came down, a pittance of a reduction but they came down. I believe it was three years ago when Shirley made the comment that we didn’t know how cheap we have it, that where she had worked before the rates were a lot higher. I have no idea where she worked before but if it was so good why did she leave? Anyways, here’s a part of the article which I feel resembles our fine community.

Oligarchic rule, as Aristotle pointed out, is a deviant form of government. Oligarchs care nothing for competency, intelligence, honesty, rationality, self-sacrifice or the common good. They pervert, deform and dismantle systems of power to serve their immediate interests, squandering the future for short-term personal gain. “The true forms of government, therefore, are those in which the one, or the few, or the many, govern with a view to the common interest; but governments that rule with a view to the private interest, whether of the one, of the few or of the many, are perversions,” Aristotle wrote. The classicist Peter L.P. Simpson calls these perversions the “sophistry of oligarchs,” meaning that once oligarchs take power, rational, prudent and thoughtful responses to social, economic and political problems are ignored to feed insatiable greed. The late stage of every civilization is characterized by the sophistry of oligarchs, who ravage the decaying carcass of the state.
These deviant forms of government are defined by common characteristics, most of which Aristotle understood. Oligarchs use power and ruling structures solely for personal advancement.

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A Reader comments on Aqua

In case you didn’t notice, there is already a steady flow of dump trucks running through TL sub contracted by Aqua, and there are also several buildings in TL that store chemicals, and tools that have trucks, and workers running in and out of them every day. The TL Maintenance Building located by the back gate, the Maintenance building located by the stump dump, and the two Golf Course Maintenance Buildings that store large quantities of chemicals, and fertilizer. There are also several small buildings located around TL that perform the same function of hiding machinery that Aqua is proposing, off the top of my head there is one just before you get to Cayman Landing, and another that hides the water pumps that supply the water for the sprinkler system on the gold golf course.
According to your logic, none of these buildings belongs in any residential neighborhood? Should we move these buildings outside the gates to appease your ideas about what should, and should not be in our community?
As far as subterfuge, and lack of foresight goes, that is exactly how this board operates. Do you have any direct knowledge that it was Aqua who was lacking foresight, and being underhanded? or is this just an assumption on your part?
Basically what your saying is that you agree that our water system needs to be improved as long as they do it from outside the gates because men openly working with tools, and operating trucks, and machinery does not belong in any community.
The bottom line is that the water system needs to be upgraded, Aqua is willing to do it.
Regardless of how you look at it, it’s going to be messy, and noisy while it’s being done. The more obstacles TL puts in their way, the longer it will take.
It is in everyone’s best interest to make this happen, so that it can be done as quickly and painlessly as possible. We need to be flexible with this, or Aqua might just pull out altogether, and leave us to fix our own mess and we have no money to fix it with.
My original point was that people are choosing to oppose things that will actually improve TL, while doing nothing about the things that they should be fighting against.

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Michael comments on Aqua

For far too long Boards, and OMNI have violated bylaws, and DOR in closed sessions to benefit their own special interests, or fund their pet projects while property owners sat by idly as they did it.
The sitting board openly attacked another board member because that person was too outspoken about these types of violations, effectively forcing out any board members (3 so far this year) that did not agree with their views on how TL should be run.
Now, all of a sudden people are speaking out on an issue that really is in the best interests of all TL residents, will not cost TL hundreds of thousands of dollars in liquid assets, and make a vast improvement to TL overall.
Aqua is trying to work with us, and not do anything underhanded. They want to do what is best for TL.
People have got their priorities all twisted around, and are making poor decisions on what needs to be done, and what needs to change in TL
You keep on drinking that dirty water just because no one actually lives in that nice looking house over there, and watch as this board runs TL into bankruptcy.

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What is a POA (Property Owners Association)

A Property Owners Association, or POA, is a non-profit organization formed to serve the collective and common interests of the property owners within a designated community. The Association’s governing documents dictate how the community is to be operated and maintained. The governing documents consist of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Policies and Rules adopted by the Association. The purpose of the POA is to care for the common interests shared by all the property owners within the community. The membership of the Association is made up of all of the property owners and exists for the mutual benefit of the collective group of owners. The POA cares for the common areas and common area improvements within the community. In an effort to maintain the quality of the community, the POA also has administrative responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, financial operations and member compliance with the provisions of the POA governing documents and policies. The POA works to ensure that the property owners (the members of the POA) each meet their financial obligations and comply with the provisions of the bylaws, policies and DOR.

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Comments on “Thank you Aqua”

Treasure Lake Advocate made the following comment;

Yes Aqua. Thank you for your complicity in violating our Declaration of Restrictions. Funny how this Websites Holier than Thou stance doesn’t extend to an issue they agree with.
Remember that platted lots in Treasure Lake are restricted to building only single, residential homes. Constructing a pump house, that looks like a residential home, is still a violation of the Declaration of Restrictions!! Still wonder which board members, past or present, support the violation of the DoR?  

Mustang Sally made the following comment;

We need to protect the rights of ALL property owners period. Even if only 1 Property owner’s home is affected then it’s a resounding no. If it were me and my home which I bought in good faith that the deed of restrictions would be followed, then it should be same for ALL. Residence means RESIDING.. no exceptions.


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Thank you Aqua

Most TLPOA residents are aware that Aqua is planning to upgrade their water treatment facility just off of Barbary Coast Court. This upgrade has to have been in the works for sometime now and is finally coming to fruition. With that in mind we support Aqua’s upgrade knowing full well it’s in the best interest of all property owners in Treasure Lake. Thank you Aqua!

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