I was at the meeting that this transpired. To say the least, it was bad acting and obvious it was preplanned. Sitting and watching it happen was a disgrace to the board members that allowed this to happen. Shame on them. This so-called Board is a joke. Maybe they need to sit on the property owner side and watch the show to see how ridiculous they look. If it wasn’t so serious for the financial stability of TL it would be comical. Property owners need to show up for the show to see it for themselves.


This “charge” was led by Mr. Whitaker, the board vice-president. The second issue is the fact that he discussed an ongoing legal action in an open meeting. This is a big no, no! Legal actions are confidential and are reserved for executive sessions. I wonder if the board will sanction him for this?

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Not Professional

On January 15 of this year, many of us witnessed what appeared to be the preplanned humiliation of a sitting board member, Mr. Mike Yoha (who was asking questions about our finances) by another board member and a member of the audience.  Many of us thought the action was uncalled for.  The response elicited by Mr. Yoha’s questions should have made it obvious to anyone in attendance that we need an independent audit by an outside firm.

Fast forward to the March 19th work session and we seem to have a repeat of this inappropriate behavior, only this time the participants were the vice president of the board and the TLPOA general manager.  In what appeared to be a preplanned question and answer dialogue, the vice president queried the general manager about a property owner’s $100.00 lawsuit and how much it has cost the TLPOA to defend against said lawsuit. The general manager mentioned something about $13,000.00 so far.

It is our opinion that the property owner is Mr. Chris Miller. While they referred to Mr. Miller as “property owner,” it was quite clear about whom they were speaking.  Mr. Miller is the only person who we know of who has a $100.00 lawsuit pending against the TLPOA.

We have unofficial opinions from two attorneys that Mr. Miller has a very strong case and neither attorney can figure out why the TLPOA  just didn’t resolve the case when the problem first surfaced by admitting that they made a mistake (people make mistakes, get used to it). Instead, they have spent $13,000 so far in attorney fees, paid by your assessment dollars. What was the board’s rationale?

We also commend those that spoke out against the board’s latest attempt to silence property owners, more to come on that.

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Property Owner Comments (More Questions to Follow)

We will be publishing more questions asked by readers but before we do, we will be publishing “comments” from readers which we feel are very appropriate. Here are the first 3 of 10 comments: 

The new rule was not discussed or voted on in an open TLPOA session. It just appeared on the agenda.

Property owner Tom, cannot attend a TLPOA meeting and asks property owner, Jane, who did attend the meeting what happened, according to the new rule Jane cannot tell Tom about the meeting. (You can’t tell your friends and neighbors about the TLPOA)

Property owners cannot put information on their Facebook pages.

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Questions From Our Readers Part 4

Question 1: When the expansion of the Cayman campgrounds was first mentioned there wasn’t a business plan, just a lot of hoopla and cheerleading by Dave Distler. Has a business plan ever been shown to anybody or is this another top secret project being run by a CIA?

Answer: We can’t answer that question. We have to ask, What is your need to know? (sarcasm)


Question 2: What does Cobert do back at the campgrounds.

Answer: We can’t answer that question. Why do you ask? (sarcasm)


Question 3: Why isn’t the bank financing the expansion at Caymen?

Answer: We have been told that the money that was borrowed for the capital reserve account is being used. Same ole same ole, only a different month. (not sarcasm)

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Great Press Coverage

Treasure Lake was treated to front page coverage in the March 18, 2018 Courier Express Tri-County Sunday Edition with a very positive article on Trivia Night, which is held at the Lakeview Lodge. Our sincerest congratulations go to Garrett Pollock, Recreation Assistant and his wife Amanda for not only coming up with this idea but also doing a great job in keeping the “fun night out” going and growing.

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Questions From Our Readers Part 3

Question 1: How much does Crown pay in assessments per unit/per lot?

Answer: We have been told that the Crown Assessment was negotiated a long time ago and that there is nothing that can be done. What the actual amount is we don’t know but have been told it is favorable for them for what they receive in return.

Question 2: Why are our street signs in such a deplorable condition?

Answer: Possibly, the board and management have an answer, but it depends on what your definition of deplorable is. If you are comparing them to upscale communities, then yes they are deplorable. If you are comparing them to Detroit, then they aren’t deplorable.

Question 3: Are our treasurer and manager bonded?
Answer: We believe that they would have to be. You may want to ask management to see a copy of any bond which relates to the TLPOA. Good luck with your request.

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Questions From Readers Part 2

Question 1:  If we total all our loans, how much money do we owe to banks?Answer: We know it is in the millions but we wonder if the board even knows.

Question 2:  What is the annual interest payments on these loans?

Answer: We have been told that because the loans are now operating at a variable rate that the interest is going up. With that in mind we believe it is well over two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars a year.

Question 3:  Aren’t we financing the new golf carts? What was wrong with the old ones? Didn’t we just put new batteries in all of them?

 Answer: We believe that we are financing the new carts and yes, we had just replaced the batteries in all the old carts. We have been told that the old carts ran very well and that if proper maintenance procedures had been in place the old batteries would not have crapped out.

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Questions From Readers Part 1

We have received a number of inquiries regarding the budget, board members, Cayman upgrade, etc. We are going to post most of those questions and will answer the easy ones but feel it’s not our place to answer all of them. With the board’s dome of silence and the secrecy attached, property owners are left in the dark.  Please remember, you, the property owner are being treated like mushrooms.  You are being kept in the dark and fed horse manure. Over the years there have been up to 5 board members who would answer questions off the record. That is no longer the case. There is an old saying that goes like this, if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck then guess what, it’s a duck. So, if they……………

Question 1: Did the budget pass?
Answer: Yes. The vote was unanimous.

Question 2: We understand Shirley got a nice raise. How much was it?
Answer: We also heard that she got a raise but we have no idea how much or for that matter why she got it. We still don’t know who she works for being an Omni key personnel, but we do know we are picking up the tab. We are still wondering why the board members who pride themselves on their astute business acumen couldn’t be bothered to have the Omni contract reviewed by the Treasure Lake attorneys.  

Question 3: Do you feel that Pastor Whitaker should be a board member?
Answer: An emphatic NO!

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A new “commandment” suddenly appeared on the 1st budget hearing agenda. It restricts what and how you can discuss Treasure Lake information. The “commandment” was not discussed or voted in an open session of the board of directors, it just appeared on the agenda. What is management and the board trying to hide and what happened to transparency?

Board Pres. Cobert said in his candidacy statement that “I would like to see Treasure Lake become a true gated community, not a pretend one.” If he truly believes this then why are we spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing and at the same time claiming to be a private gated community that doesn’t want anyone to know anything unless the board  releases it?

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In case that you are part of the approximately 95% of the property owners who missed the announcement, it was announced at the February Work Session that all property owners in good standing are invited to the Budget Hearings. The next meeting will be held this Saturday at 10:00 am at the Lakeview Lodge. The proposed $ 90.00 assessment increase will be discussed along with other expenditures.

If you intend on commenting then we recommend that you show up and speak. If not, this will probably be your last opportunity before the budget is voted on.

If you do attend please remember the latest decree from the board.

“The Treasure Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. (“TLPOA” or” Association”) is a private, not-for-profit corporation that acts on behalf of the property owners of Treasure Lake. No person, business or other entity, including, but not limited to, TLPOA staff and members, newspaper publications, and other media outlets, shall be permitted, without the express written consent of the TLPOA Board of Directors, to copy, record, release, transmit, reproduce, publish or disseminate the business, records and other information, of any kind whatsoever, that is referenced, utilized or otherwise discussed at any meeting or work session of the Association or its Board of Directors.”

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A Reader Asks

I wonder how realtors will handle Treasure Lake sales operating under the new rule? If someone asks a realtor about Treasure Lake, according to the new rule, realtors will not be permitted to answer certain questions and if they answer they will be disseminating information.

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More Questions

More questions:

Are the people who sign the Treasure Lake checks bonded?

Mrs. Whitaker referred to cell phone coverage being bad. Weren’t we supposed to be getting a cell phone tower to improve the signal? What happened?

How many properties in our community are exempt from paying property assessment fees?

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Questions for property owners and the board.

To property owners: When was this latest infringement on your freedom of speech by the board and management voted on? We didn’t see any vote. Did you?

To the board: Why aren’t lakefront properties assessed more than properties on back roads? As they say in Real estate, it’s location, location, location.

To the board: When was the new location for the “guard shack” voted on and approved? We didn’t see any vote, did you?

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It’s our debt. Not managements.

In property owner associations, property owners are essentially liable for the association’s debts. “What?” you say. Community associations are corporations, and aren’t shareholders protected from corporate obligations? Isn’t that the whole point of a corporation? Yes, most community associations are corporations—non profit mutual benefit corporations. But there is a major difference between a community association and the typical business corporation. With a typical corporation the investors’ (shareholders’) liability is limited to the amount of their individual investment.

Community associations usually have something more—lien rights to an individual owner’s separate interest, either a lot or a unit, and the personal obligation of an individual owner for his or her share of assessments. So, if an association assesses the members and someone doesn’t pay, the association has the authority to place a lien upon the individual’s property and enforce that lien for payment through the process of foreclosure and/or to sue the owner personally to collect the funds owed. The corporate structure of the association protects an individual owner from being solely responsible for the association’s total obligations, but not for his or her (or the lot or unit’s) share.That authority, extended to the association by way of CC&Rs* recorded against each individual’s lot or unit, has the effect of “passing through” the association’s obligations to the owners.

 * Definition: Covenants, conditions and restrictions are limitations and rules placed on a group of homes by a builder, developer, neighborhood association and / or homeowner association. All condos and townhomes have CC&Rs; however, so do most planned unit developments and established neighborhoods.

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