editor1 on December 7, 2016

We have learned that the Treasure Lake Lions Club and the Community Improvement Club have been busy decorating at the front gate.

The lights and decorations look nice.

We are fortunate to have these groups in our community.

editor1 on December 6, 2016

It appears that the first hearing for the schedule of fees and charges went well. We heard there are not many changes.

The second hearing is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 12. The December worksession will also be held that evening.

editor1 on December 5, 2016

The TLPOA will hold its first hearing Monday at 6 p.m. for the proposed schedule of fees and charges.

The hearing is at the Lakeview Lodge.

A copy of the proposed fees and charges is available on the TLPOA website.

editor1 on December 4, 2016

At a recent TLPOA meetings, the board of directors approved the proposed lake treatment plan and costs from Aquatic Environmental Solutions.

This is for the treatment of Treasure Lake, Bimini Lake and the front gate pond at a cost not to exceed $59,122.

editor1 on December 3, 2016

The Lakeview Lodge will be closed today (Saturday, Dec. 3) for the Holiday Ball.

editor1 on December 2, 2016

At the November TLPOA meeting, directors approved the proposed timeline for the 2017 Board of Directors election.

Directors also voted to approve the continuation of William Owens and Company Certified Public Accountants as the independent third party to receive and tally votes for the 2017 TLPOA election.

There are four director seats for election, David Distler and Carol Korthaus are term limited out. Joe Krill and Toni Clark-Moulthrop may seek reelection.

editor1 on December 1, 2016

We have learned that TLPOA Board Secretary David Distler’s attempt to correct the Nov. 14, 2014, minutes has failed.

Why are the minutes from 2014 so important?

Apparently the November 2014 minutes should have containe the board of directors vote to change TLPOA General Manager Shirley Elmore’s status from property manager to general manager and increase her pay.

How could these minutes be missing?

Good question but there is no  answer.

So Distler tried to fix the flaw and wanted the current board of directors to correct the 2014 minutes to add the information.

That did not work. The motion to correct the minutes failed.

Directors Joe Krill, Toni-Clark-Moulthrop, Mike Yoha, Frank Calderone and Steve Tuller voted no.

So it looks like the missing minutes are still missing.

editor1 on November 29, 2016

The TLPOA Board of Directors released the following information regarding a legal opinion on the operation and retention of amenities.

As notification to the property owners, the Board of Directors has received a legal opinion with regard to the operation and retention of amenities. The Treasure Lake Property Owners’ Association, Inc. is governed by numerous legally binding documents to include federal law, PA. State laws, PA Corporate laws, Declaration of Restrictions, By-Laws, policies, and to some degree the PA Uniform Planned Community Act. As you are aware, Treasure Lake POA is also subject to an open-ended mortgage and security agreements with S&T Bank as a part of the loan documents.
After careful consideration and review of all instruments noted above, by Yukevich, Marchetti, Fischer & Zangrilli law firm, it has been noted that in their legal opinion the board of directors has the duty and power related to common amenities as follows:
Regulate the use and hours of operation of specific amenities through the rules and regulations
The board of directors have the duty to maintain and operate the amenities
The board of directors can dispose of, sell or encumber specific amenities upon obtaining written consent of the Lender
The board of directors has a duty of good faith and loyalty to the Association and its members. Accordingly, before the board brings action to the members of the Association for their input, the board needs to determine the effect of such action to include, that value of such amenity, the replacement cost and income of the amenity and the effects of such action.
If the asset the Board recommends to dispose of exceeds in value 5% of that fiscal year’s approved annual budget, excluding capital items then the Board must present such an action for disposal to the Association’s members either at an annual or special meeting for a vote in accordance with the current Bylaws of the Association.
If a common amenity is to be disposed of an amendment is to be made to the Declaration (including plans or plats/plans). The amendment(s) can occur only by a 2/3rd vote of Association members.
Once the amendment to the Declaration (including plan or plats/plans) has been voted for approval by the Association members, the amendment(s) to the Declaration shall be recorded in the Recorder of Deeds Office of Clearfield County, PA.

editor1 on November 28, 2016

The 2016 Charity Ball will be held at the Lakeview Lodge Saturday, Dec. 3 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Entertainment by Dirty Martini from 8-10 p.m. and The Avenue from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Tickets may be purchased by calling 590-1116 or 769-6226.

The event is sponsored by the Penn Highlands DuBois Auxiliary.

Proceeds benefit Penn Highlands DuBois to purchase a portable ultrasound machine.

editor1 on November 27, 2016

At the November meeting, the TLPOA board of directors affirmed committee members: Cayman, John Rice; Finance, Tony Cavaiola and David Dister (board liason); and Nomination and Election, Larry Marteney (alternate member).

They also accepted the resignation of James Sinclair from the Cayman Committee.

editor1 on November 26, 2016

At a recent TLPOA meeting, directors voted to award Stallion Mechnical of Luthersburg the contract for the disposal of the Lakeview Lodge hot water tank and installation of storage tanks for $14,819.

The old hot water tank was leaking and needed to be replaced.

editor1 on November 25, 2016

We have learned that the TLPOA Board Of Directors recently received the legal opinion regarding the amenities.

It appears that the board is going to release a sanitized version of the legal opinion and not the ‘actual’  legal opinion.

What is the board trying to hide?

Is it really necessary to keep the details from property owners?

editor1 on November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving From Everyone At Treasurelaketalk

editor1 on November 23, 2016

We noticed there is a problem with the electronic entrance gate at the back gate.

We are relieved to see that the back gate is being manned until the gate system is repaired